Unique & Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper in Interior Design to Spruce Up Makeover a Room in Your Bronxville, NY Home

Are you ready to change up the look and feel of your home? A great way to for a spring makeover is to change the color of the walls. It can bring a whole new look and a fun atmosphere. Some colors bring in tranquility while others bring sophistication. You can use the same furniture and décor but by changing the walls you are adding a new element that can make the room transform. One of the latest and greatest trends that people are flocking towards is wallpaper. Not that old wallpaper that you remember from your grandma’s kitchen with the big yellow flower pattern. Wallpaper has been revamped and now comes in so many colors, patterns, styles and textures that can be used in lots of ways. Now that it is a trend that is getting a lot of attention, some people want to know the best way to use it in their home. There is always the option of plastering it all over every wall but there is other fun ways to use it too.

New York Painting Services Lists Ways You Can Use Wallpaper in Your Home to Add Some Fun & Environment

Use Wallpaper As An Accent Wall: If you are concerned about using wallpaper on the walls in the entire room you can use it as an accent wall. Many people know what an accent wall is and they believe that it is only using paint. The wall is painted a color with a separate color on the rest of the walls. You can also use wallpaper as an accent wall and it is a fun way to add a focal point. The wallpaper can be used on a wall that you choose and then a paint color on the rest of the walls. The paint should be a color that accents the colors in the wallpaper. You can use a textured wallpaper or a pattern as the accent wall.
Wallpaper Border Placement Ideas: One of the ways that wallpaper is used in a bedroom or a kids room is a border. The border can be at the level of the ceiling line or it can be at the level of a chair rail. The wallpaper can be used in strips and put on the walls. It is a fun way to add some décor to a kids room!
Scene Wallpaper: One of the newest and trendiest ways that wallpaper is being used is not the area that it is used but the style of wallpaper. Using the wallpaper as a scenery in a room is a way to make your room a destination. Do you love the outdoors, the woods or flowers? Do you have a city that is what your dreams are made of? You can use a scenery that looks just like these areas in your room. It can be your way to get away from the stresses of life and enjoy your home.

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