Bohemian Decorating & Painting

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Bohemian Style Decor

New York Painting Services can help you get any interior decorating theme for your New York and New Jersey home or business through the many services we perform; including the Bohemian Interior Decorating and Painting. Those craving culture, lively and energetic visual stimulants, and using items of the world to add interest, the bohemian interior design might be what is best for you. Modern sensibility embraces the relaxed, carefree and unique unusual. With Bohemian Style, no two features are exactly alike. For those the delight in having the one-of-a-kind looks and to use your artistic creativity, this style is for you.

Bohemian Interior Design Style Definition & Ideas

Painting and Colors: There are no rules when it comes to painting the walls and selecting the right colors for your flooring and furnishings, but a guideline may be to utilize the warm earthy tones and metallic colors. Gold, terra cotta, brown and such colors are often used when painting the Bohemian styled homes and businesses. Accessories like tapestries and wall art are enriched with the jewel tones like saturated purple, fiery orange, electric blues, and fierce greens. Warmth is definitely the idea with coloring, skip the white when painting the bohemian room. Additionally, don’t be afraid to incorporate colors that don’t mesh in a conventional way and use intricate patterns. Layers on the furnishings and even using tapestries or area rugs as wall art all encouraged.
Decorative Materials: Mix and match is optimal, for example natural materials like burlap and sisal can be mixed up with silk and chenille; materials can have slight worn edge, but damaged and avoid the shine new look when blending. Fringes is permutable on everything anything, from the lampshades to the pillows
Furniture: Bohemian furniture is not just bought where ever you happen to swing by. It is a collection of pieces that came together rover time. Vintage items and 2nd hand furnishings are displayed in Bohemian styled homes and business; all shapes and sizes are ideal. Each piece telling a story only obtained in time and mysterious origins. Chaises and fainting couches derived of dark carved wood frames and upholstery drenched in rich colors.
Accessories: Just like the furniture tells a story, the objects as décor should tell tale. Vintage bottles, ornate boxes, mismatched china, and other vintage, antiques, and such collectibles are ideal. The bohemian style looks like the collectibles of a world traveler. Bohemian is offbeat, but still can have glamorous traits; drippy crystal chandeliers and mirrors of ornate and gold.

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If you need assistance getting your New York or New Jersey home or business into a Bohemian design, contact New York Painting Services and let our talented artisans get to work.

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