Rococo Decorating Style & Painting

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Rococo Interior Design & Decorating

New York Painting Services offers dozens of painting and other services to commercial and residential properties throughout New York and New Jersey achieve their favorite interior design, including Rococo Interior Design. The Rococo style reflects an emphasis of high status, classy tastes, and a focus on the details to present and elegant, flirty and luxurious but playful and cozy display. With is a mixture of sentimentality and provocation, elegance and chic, ease and detail in the interior design, your home or business can have the Rococo Interior Design.

Rococo Style Characteristics & Painting

Rococo style characteristics have many elements; below you will find a basic guide concerning them.
Paint colors: Gentle colors are utilized in Rococo designs, combining the glance of gold with colors such s cream, pale pink, pale blue, light shades of purples, greens, pearls, creams, peach, and yellow.
Furnishings and accessories: Luxury materials should be readily applies with natural woods, elegant fabrics, such as silk, velvet, satin, and brocade along with glass and crystal, and forged metal elements such as copper, brass, bronze, and so on along with natural and artificial gilding. Consider the presence of Chinese style with the fashion trends and institute their oriental luxury and boudoir mystery with a mixture of curtains, fans, screens, tapestries with oriental landscapes and elegant Chinese women in their chic attire. The furniture itself is of the Rococo style, is luxurious but comfortable; sofas, couches, soft chairs, and armchairs have stucco carved and rounded legs and embroidery features, elegant benches and desks, as well as bedside tables and dressing tables. Additionally, the tables are detailed and decorate, with carved headboard and luxurious beds, with spacious and well organized closets. The living space for a Rococo style often includes a massive fireplace with a mantel and shelves where the furnishings are curved with nothing rectangular.
Basic style: Remember the asymmetry, smooth lines, rounded forms, and decorative loading. The Rococo leans to mythological and erotic subjects; images and figures of ancient gods and goddesses adorning, along with nymphs, cupids, Dryads are incorporated in this interior style. With an abundant of decorative elements like mirrors and paintings in massive gilt frames, figurines and boxes, antique clock and wrought candelabra can embrace Rococo style with luxury and elegance.
Textiles: When it comes to the Rococo design, the refined elegance is applied to the fabrics; adorned with embroidery. The windows are decorated with fitted heavy drapes, saturated with colors and combined with long white curtains. The carpets are of an oriental style where the walls are sprinkled with expensive golden pattern fabrics.
Trimming and molding: In Rococo style, as mentioned previously, the walls can be both upholstered with fine fabrics and often covered with wallpaper or wall panels. Moldings are carved with detailed forms of scrolls, shells, and cupids. Transitioning the walls to the ceiling in a smooth and rounded can be done with the assistance of the general pattern, thread or frescoes. The ceiling should also shimmer with accessories with crystal chandelier imitating candelabra with many candles. The walls, tables, and couches adorned with elegant vases, boxes, porcelain frames, mirrors, screens and wood, gold watches and decorative pillows with embroidery. While the floors are a combination of wooden flooring or stone tile such as marble for example.

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When you are remodeling your New York or New Jersey home or business to embrace the Rococo Interior Design, New York Painting Services provides a number of services to help you achieve the ultimate goal and we are readily available to deliver these services. Call New York Painting Services today to get started on your Rococo Design.

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