Drywall Tape, Finish & Texture Services

New York Painting Services is a full service contractor completely licensed and insured since 2004 to provide a number of services to commercial businesses and residential homes to the Greater New York and Greater New Jersey area. We are committed to bringing our customers with a unique experience by delivering exceptional work ethics, upholding high moral values, applying friendly customer service, and superior execution on all services rendered. At New York Painting Services, all of our technicians have the training, experience, and skills necessary to perform any of the services we offer beyond your satisfaction. New York Painting Services ensures our customers receive nothing less than the very best by taking advantage of high-end products, equipment, supplies, and tools offered only to licensed professionals.

Taping & Texturing Services

New York Painting Services offers commercial and residential customers of New York and New Jersey with taping and texturing services. Sheetrock or drywall is the key element in creating interior walls and ceilings in your business or home. Wanting to keep them in the best possible condition, highest durability, and aesthetically pleasing are generally important to most. The problem here in lies is that drywall or sheetrock (one in the same) is extremely susceptible to a multitude of disasters with its porous and delicate nature. Though it is easily damaged, it is easily repaired.

Fixing Damaged Drywall & Sheetrock

Fixing any areas that have become tainted or damaged can be a difficult and exhausting task to those who are not properly trained and unfamiliar with the process, and it does require special tools and strategic methods that if not properly executed could make the problem worse. But thankfully, New York Painting Services professionals has your back, and our trained experts can perform your taping and texturing service with quick efficiency. Avoid wasting time, money, and energy and let our trained experts perform this project with perfection.

Applying Mesh, Joint Drywall Tape & Mud Compound

With New York Painting Services talented painting contracting drywall tape application, we will leave seamless and flawless service on your business or home in New York and New Jersey to avoid a messy and poorly executed taping.

Knockdown, Smooth, Rosebud, Orange Peel, Hawk & Skip Trowel

Whether you prefer traditional or trending texture designs, New York Painting Services experts can proficiently deliver any style of texture you prefer to your New York and New Jersey home or business’s ceiling or walls with the latest techniques and precision. Combining the taping and texturing serving on the drywall is quick work for our experts making the preparations for painting or other wall coverings.

Drywall Tape, Finish & Texture Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York

Drywall is the foundation of your wall or ceiling. Taping and texturing is the essence of the drywall, and whether you opt for a delightful paint application or choose to cover your walls with some delicate wallpaper covering or wainscoting, if the texture and tape maintenance is poorly done the rest will reflect it and look just bad, if not worse. If your New York and New Jersey commercial business or residential home is in need of professional taping and texture service, contact New York Painting Services today. Our group of specialists can get it done quickly and efficiently to ensure quality results!

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