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Art Deco Definition

Included in the many interior designs achieved with painting and other elements, New York Painting Services can help commercial businesses and residential homes in New York and New Jersey present the Art Deco style. Popular in American and Europe between the 1920s-1930s, the Art Deco period is the embodiment of glamour, elegance, and modern functional style that is influenced by architecture and design.

Art Deco Characteristics

The Art Deco design is about making a big statement; using bold geometric patterns, hard angles, and clear symmetry, Art Deco has a generous use of steel, gold, and finer materials that suggests refinery and wealth. Now, the Art Deco is experiencing resurgence with its iconic style. Characteristics of angular forms, linear d├ęcor, and exotic materials are ideal for creating a bold and strong look while avoiding any romantic or fussy implications. Stainless steel, chrome, glass, mirrors, shark and zebra prints and inlaid wood as well as lacquer, marble, ebony, and other fine woods make up a lot of the elements found in Art Deco. When it comes to the Art Deco themes commonly used, artistic branches, leaves, feathers, trapezoids, zigzags, chevrons, sunbursts, jagged and points that derive of skyscraper, stylized animal prints, and nudes are often incorporated to establish the Art Deco.

Art Deco Interior Design Fashion

Establishing Art Deco interior design in your home or business is done with the distinctive style, below you will find the basic guidelines to help you attain the Art Deco look.
Paint Colors: Thinking bold strike a lot of contrast. Bright and deep greens, yellows, reds, pinks, and blues with silver, chrome, and black all mix very well together to get the bold coloring. Looking for something softer for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms is done with the application of creams and beiges contrasting with beautifully polished wood and lacquered furnishings that are common during the time period.
Furniture: Avoid the frills and opt for strong and streamlined shapes. Exotic woods such as zebrawood matched with chrome frames and mirrored pieces are optimal for Art Deco. Additionally, thinking large scale options like armoires, sideboards, and even generously sized chairs are typical.
Fabrics: Pretty plaids and dainty floral fabrics do not belong in Art Deco; solid colors and geometric designs are more subject to Art Deco. Reminding you to use bold and contrasting blocks of color to highlight the room is encouraged.
Floors: Frequently seen flooring options in Art Deco include linoleum prints of abstract designs or even simple black and white tiling, lacquered floors, and polished parquet are acceptable. Art Deco period would adorn the floors with layers of large rugs of geometric patterns or animal-like textures.
Lighting: Light fixtures were originally designed of chrome and glass during the period; with the glass often being etched or enameled. Tiffany-styled color glass and white glass were also common in the light fixtures. Whether you find original pieces or reproductions, the use of these light fixtures will help bring your Art Deco Design together.

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