Interior Design Styles

Modern Architecture Interior Design Style & Painting Concepts

Modern refers to the period of time, which was the design style created in the 1920’s-1950; remaining unchanged as a defined style forever. Modern interior design is referenced to the “Mid Century modern”. The primary distinction is the clean, unadorned interiors with the use of natural materials like wood, leather, teak are the distinguishable characteristics. As far as modern furniture is concerned, molded plywood and plastics along with polished metals are dominant. It is very open and raised from the floor to allow the eye to absorb additional space and let the air move more freely. To expand the space, a popular use of color is white, used often with bare floors paired with neutral colored wool area rugs. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Contemporary Interior Decorating Concepts & Characteristics

New York Painting Services assists customers with the interior designing and correlating painting or wall coverings to achieve the look and style you desire, including popular Contemporary Design. Modern style and Contemporary are often believed to be one in the same, but even with the similarities, there are differences that separate them. Avoiding dark and clutter, contemporary emphasizes comfort and welcoming feelings. Offices, stores, lofts, and homes all look amazing with the Contemporary design. With contemporary design, it’s important to stick the basics; fundamental, simplistic, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines define contemporary design when it comes to decorating with the focus being spacious living, minimal accessories, color and shapes that are sleek and fresh. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

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