Modern Industrial Interior Design Concept

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Industrial Interior Design Definition

New York Painting Services includes Industrial Interior Design and Painting styles for commercial and residential properties in New York and New Jersey. Industrial design includes raw, unfinished looks, displaying the building materials generally concealed, showcasing neutral tones, wood and metal surfaces, and practical objects; a growing trend that offers an earthy style that feature stainless surfaces, metal light fixtures, and vintage furnishings.

Industrial Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms, Bedrooms & Other Areas

New York Painting Services can help your New York or New Jersey home or business acquire an authentic Industrial Interior Design by following the few basic principals listed below.
1) Ducts and Pipes Exposed. As previously mentioned, the raw unfinished look is a primary element, a signature presence in Industrial Design that most people try to conceal, is exposing the ductwork and pipes. A rather liberating strategy the warehouse apartments implemented and made trendy, keeping them blended and painted neutral colors as the walls, or adding busts of bright colors to display them as well as keeping the pipes and ducts in their natural state are all acceptable.
2) Surfaces of Metal & Wood. Industrial style interiors have an abundance of wood and metal surfaces. Colored in neutrals and earth tones, they are incorporated well into the Industrial motif. Wood or metal paneling on the ceilings, floors, staircases, countertops, and other such surfaces are ideal. From stainless steel appliances and counter tops, accented with wooden cabinetry and leaving the ceiling exposed to the piping and ductwork is a prime example of a charming Industrial design leave a home with a chic modern edge. On the flip side, custom stainless cabinets, exposed ceilings, and machine hood, make the Industrial style feel like a commercial grade kitchen.
3) Vintage Accessories & Furniture. Vintage furniture pieces are easily fitted into an Industrial Interior design; many being constructed with the metal and wood found in the style. Metal meets wood in your furniture selection not only adds nostalgia of the past, but creates an earthy but modernized overall look. Shiny, steel, compact, practical, and backless describe many stools and chairs found in the Industrial setting that really accentuate the design. Vintage furniture plays a role in the Industrial Design, but incorporating the antique light fixtures; weathered and dangling from an unfinished ceiling can add plenty of flare.
4) Painting. When it comes to painting options for the walls, neutral and earthy tones are ideal to keep in with the Industrial Interior Design. Whites, grays, browns, and such are the primary colors. Keeping in mind the rawness of the building’s structure, adding brick textures and weather wooden panels are also ideal for wall coverings. Aged blues are also acceptable as an accent color, but the true essence is with neutrals and earthy tones.

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