Art Nouveau Inspired Decorating & Painting

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Art Nouveau Interior Design

New York Painting Services helps commercial businesses and residential homes achieve many different interior design themes including Art Nouveau. Frequently a choice among refined personalities, Art Nouveau is a trendy and undoubtedly beautiful style of interior design. With the unusual soft lines, bizarre shapes, it appeals to couples, hopeless romantics, and people who favor natural. This interior design is a bit complex but when you understand the features, it is achievable.

Art Nouveau Interior Design History

A style that combines many artistic movements, Art Nouveau was established in the second half of the 19th century in France. It quickly won the hearts of the people and began to be used in the design of furniture and accessories with the art and architecture of class. Successfully combining elegance shapes, smooth lines and functionality, this style is formed with a number of characteristic features.

Art Nouveau Interior Design Characteristics

The main feature of style and focus is the complete rejection of clear lines in favor of flowery and smooth contours, symbolizing the bent stalks.
Art Nouveau Paint Color: There is a wide range of variety when it comes to Art Nouveau; as long as it is natural. Combine white, cream and sand colors with the color of grass, leaves and stones, which is complemented by the hues of wood and earth is just an example.
Art Nouveau Materials and Patterns: The interior of Art Nouveau implies the use of natural materials; wood, glass, and stone are all exceptional. The mandatory presence of floral motifs and images of aquatic plants, such as lilies and algae are included along with paintings of images, textiles, and wallpaper with a similar patterns.

Art Nouveau Kitchens, Bathrooms & More

When it comes to Art Nouveau, think natural or floral. Kitchens, for example, involve asymmetry, gliding lines, and the wall tiles or mosaics featuring plants. The bedrooms are decorated with spectacular mirrors with wavy or round frames and include asymmetrical vases where the walls are garnished with customized pictures. Where bathrooms are concerned, the Art Nouveau style is enhanced with stained-glass windows in their variety; windows, doors, and lamps.

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Art Nouveau Design is perfect for those who feel comfortable in both and work that have a sensual, creative, and unique nature. It is very important when creating the Art Nouveau Design, that you do not confuse it with Art Deco, like so many have a tendency to do. They are two different styles that feature different characteristics and a source of inspiration. New York Painting Services includes a number of services for the commercial and residential customers throughout New York and New Jersey areas to accomplish Art Nouveau Interior Design. Call us today to get started on your project.

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