Laundry Room Wall & Ceiling Painting, Wallpaper Decorating, Makeover, Redesign, Drywall Damage Repair, Remodel & Renovation

New York Painting Services is completely licensed and insured to supply commercial businesses and residential homes throughout New York and New Jersey with a plethora of contracting services. Since 2004 we have committed ourselves to separate us from the rest by upholding high moral standards and work ethics, deliver family-friendly customer service, and applying maximum effort in achieving superior workmanship. With the use of high-end products, tools, supplies, and equipment sold only to licensed professionals, New York Painting Services can assure premium results to our valued customers.

Laundry Makeover on a Budget

New York Painting Services knows that many residential homeowners have desires to upgrade their homes, or simply enhance them. Sometimes though, they lack the budget to completely gut and remodel the various rooms. Laundry rooms are rarely made over, despite the yearning for a more organized, modernized, and dynamic look. Where the laundry room isn’t necessarily the congregating area of your home, you still may spend your fair share of time in there. Laundry can take some time, especially when it starts to pile up. With New York Painting Services services you have quite a few options depending on your finances and wants; you can select a combination of services or just one to improve the look of your laundry room. New York Painting Services services include; drywall repair, interior painting (consultations, texturing, faux, murals, etc), crown molding and baseboards, wall coverings (wallpaper install/removal, wainscoting, etc), and more.

Laundry Interior Painting

New York Painting Services interior painting for your New York or New Jersey laundry room can paint your laundry room with crisp efficiency to define the room. Trending now is rich earthy tones. Warm and dark browns accented by creamy tans and beiges or even white. For the closet laundry rooms, popular ebony doors and cabinets coupled with smooth marble counter tops and a texturing paint with blues are a fun choice to doll up a small space. Gray shades are being painted on the cabinetry, making them the spotlight, accenting them with white walls or light creams. No matter if the modernized look is your style or going rustic with refinishing the cabinets or painting the walls with a faux wooden look, New York Painting Services professionals can make it happen for you. If you do not what you desire, but crave a change, our consulting specialists can assist by providing a few recommendations based on what attracts you.

Laundry Wallpaper Installation, Stripping & Removal

New York Painting Services wall covering services can speak more to your style. Your New York/New Jersey home’s laundry room might be covered in outdated wallpaper. With our wallpaper stripping and removal service, we can get the old wallpaper properly removed and a new wallpaper installed, or if you prefer painting or other wall coverings. Wainscoting is a commonly used trend, adding charm and breaking up the mundane with something more decorative. Any wall covering your wish for your laundry room, New York Painting Services can accomplish with it with proficiency.

Laundry Crown Molding & Baseboard Installation

New York Painting Services crown molding and baseboards are designed to elegantly blend the wall and the ceiling/roof together or adorn cabinetry with elegant accessories. With a variety of designs and colors, the molding services might all be you need to complete your laundry room.

Laundry Room Wall & Ceiling Painting, Wallpaper Decorating, Makeover, Redesign, Drywall Damage Repair, Remodel & Renovation in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York

No matter if you are looking for small change or a major overhaul, New York Painting Services services performed by our skillful experts. Call us today to get started!

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