Wall, Ceiling, Window & Door Trim Molding Glossary

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Wall, Ceiling, Window & Door Trim Molding Glossary

To extend customer service to our commercial and residential customer of New York and New Jersey, New York Painting Services have take the opportunity to include glossary of terms used in our industry, specifically concerning moulding trim services.
Architrave: Moulding is a moulding installed high above a window to add grandeur that also helps disguise miter lines.
Astragal: An interior moulding attached to a pair of doors or sash in order to prevent swing-through.
Back Band: Back band is a narrow, notched moulding used in along with the baseboard moulding. Generally, it is installed to the exterior corner and edge of the interior window and door casing or along the floor to bulk up the trim aesthetically.
Baseboard: Baseboard, or sometimes known as a wall base, are moulding that is installed around the lower perimeter of the room along a finished floor.
Bead Molding: Been molding is a plain or sprung molding that is installed where 2 surfaces come together at an angle.
Brick Mold: Brick mold is a thick molding used on an exterior door or window as a casing that joins the exterior facing and provides a surface for brick or other siding to butt against.
Cased Opening: Void of a door, the cased opening is an interior opening featuring a finished with jambs and casing.
Casing: Casing is mold that features all four-sides of trim used around door and window openings.
Caulk: Caulk is used around window and door frames and is a waterproofing sealant for cracks and joints.
Chair Rail: Chair rails are an interior molding installed on the wall about 1/3rd of the way up from the floor, paralleling any base or crown molding which encircles the room. This is used to prevent chairs from damaging the walls, as well as decorative purposes.
Cove: Cove is a moulding designed with a concave profile that is used to soften the transition between 2 planes at right angles to each other.
Crown Molding: Crown molding, sometimes referred to as cornice molding; it is used to cover the intersection where the walls and the ceiling meet.
Doorjamb: A part of a door frame, the doorjamb surrounds and contacts the edges of the stiles and top rail of a door.
Frame: Frame consists of all parts that enclose the window sash or door.
Jamb: Jamb is a vertical perimeter frame of a window or door.
Lattice: Lattice is thin strips of woven wood, or PVC, surfaced on 4 sides.
Molding: Molding, used in interior and exterior scenarios, is a narrow strip of wood shaped to accent and emphasize the decorative structure and to conceal surface or angle joints.
Panel Mold: A decorative molding used to trim out raised-panel wall construction.
Picture Frame Molding: Picture frame molding is a narrow molding used along the perimeter of the walls near the ceiling line to support hooks for picture hanging; used for practical and aesthetic needs.
Primed Molding: Primed molding has a layer of paint or primer applied to it.
PVC: Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a plastic material used to make mold or extruded parts among others.
Screen Mold: Screen mold is traditionally used to hold mesh screening into a wood frame, but also accommodates edge trim on shelving or as wood trim for wallpaper.
Solid Molding: Solid molding is non-finger jointed molding.
Square Foot: A measurement of the length of an item in feet multiplied by its width in feet.
Stool Molding: Stool molding is a mold interior trim that serves as a sash or window frame sill cap.
Wainscot: Wainscot is a sheet of lower-interior wall surface that contrasts with the wall surface above it, generally 3 to 4 feet in height.
Wainscot Cap: The cap is a finishing piece for the top edge of wainscoting.

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