How to Install Wallpaper With Glue in Manhattan, NYC; Wallpaper Installation Service Instructions from Spackling to Cleaning

Wallpaper adds character and a wide diversity of patterns and scenes to any room with ease. Wallpaper can be challenging to put up, but with the proper steps, you can find that the task can be done far easier than you might think. This is where New York Painting Services, with our abundant experience, will share the proper steps to installing wallpaper on your walls. Follow these few simple steps to brighten any room in your home.

Wallpaper Installation Service Instructions

Step 1. Your first step is removing any imperfections on the wall. You will first want to use spackle on any holes on the wall and fill them in. Then once the spackle is dry sand it down with a fine grit paper. After you have smoothed out the entire wall, use a roller to put a protective prime just like you are painting a wall. While it dries, try to find a good work table or floor if you want and cover the surface with a paint cloth.
Step 2. If you paper the wall from top to bottom, cut the paper 4 inches longer than the wall. Even if you’re only papering one half of the wall, you still need a 4 inch leeway (you will trim away the excess paper after it is up on the wall at the base).
Step 3. Pour the premixed wallpaper glue into a paint tray and use a roller to spread the glue on the back of the wallpaper. (Some papers come with a pre-pasted backing. This type of wallpaper just requires water to activate the glue. Follow the manufactures instructions).
Step 4. It is best to start at one of the walls using the corner of the wall to keep your paper straight. Apply the strip of paper one at a time. Use at least an 8 inch plastic smoother from the center of the wallpaper and move towards the outside. Start at the top of the wall as you work down. Make sure the wallpaper is held in place and is tight to the wall.
Step 5. While that first strip dries, begin to cut the next strip of wallpaper. Align the next piece so that the pattern matches. (You may need to cut some paper off the top in order to accomplish this). Again leave 4 inches at the bottom. Use the seam roller and press down on the two seams of the wallpaper. This will prevent curling at the seams on the paper.
Step 6. You will repeat step 4 and 5 until the entire wall or room is completed. Don’t cut the corner as you wrap around to the next wall. Instead, use your wallpaper smoother to press the paper tight into the corner of the wall and continue to go around the next wall.
Step 7. After your paper has had time to completely dry, use plain water and a sponge to clean away any excess glue off of the seams for a clean look.

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New York Painting Services wishes you the best of luck in creating your room’s new look. However if you find you have the desire to change the look of a room or home with wallpaper, but don’t have the time or experience, New York Painting Services can help. We provide many services and wallpaper installation is among them. We would be happy to help with your home’s makeover. Contact us today.

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