Is Your Manhattan NYC Home’s Exterior Paint Color Attracting Bugs? Bright, White & Neutral Color Schemes

When you decide to choose to paint your home with a new color there is a lot that goes into the process. You need to have good company to help guide you and prep and plan the job. They also can help guide you towards a color that may work best for you and your home. The color that you choose can say a lot about you and what you want to portray. The other thing that it can potentially do is attract pests. Does anyone want pests swarming around their home? No one does so you should know that the color you choose could attract or even deter pests and other wildlife from your home. You want to choose a color that is great for the neighborhood and a color that fits the architecture of your home but not one that potentially may cause an infestation.

New York Painting Services Lists Exterior Paint Colors that May Attract Pests To Your Home

What Exterior Paint Colors Are Birds Attracted to?: When you are talking about birds they actually use their vision and the colors they see to their advantage. They use their sight and the colors they see to focus on a mating partner. They also need to be able to spy a juicy berry or a worm that seems appetizing. If they can’t find food to eat they cannot survive. If you are using a bright paint color on the exterior of the house you may be just what birds are looking for. They love to find a field of berries and your bright colored home may just trick them into it. If you are dealing with birds that are more cautious then the opposite is true with color choice. The colors they tend to look for are natural colors that will help them blend in and hide from a potential predator. A color that nearly every bird will stay away from is white. White is a color that tends to mean danger to birds and they will steer clear.
What Paint Colors Are Mosquitoes Attracted to?: If you are worried about bringing mosquitoes around your home and patio you should know what colors are a problem. If you are choosing a color that is bright or light there is a good chance that mosquitoes will stay away. Experts suggest that if you are outdoors and want to deter mosquitoes you should wear light colors so the same goes for your house color. If you choose a darker color they will find it more inviting and will tend to come closer to the house.
What Paint Colors Attract Bugs: Bugs is a very general term and the colors that they see and are attracted to can differ. The majority of bugs see color in a spectrum. That means that bugs are attracted to bright colors that mimic the look of flowers since this is a food source for many of them. If you are using bright colors like yellows and oranges you could be calling to bugs. They may be attracted to the bright colors and start to come up to your deck, patio and house.

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