Types of Sheetrock & Drywall Repair Joint Compound & Plaster Materials in Larchmont, NY

Are you preparing to invest a little time in repairing and repainting your home or interior walls? Even a small hole in your wall can mar the look of the room. It just looks tacky and unfinished. Some may try to hang a picture to hide the hole or you can try to repair the drywall. However when it comes time to repair you might be confused with your options. Today we have many different types of patch repair materials for drywall. New York Painting Services would like to give you more information on the different types of drywall materials that are out there to help you decide which material or method will suit your abilities and needs.

Drywall Joint Compound

Compounds are great when you need a workable material that you can model and shape that will harden over time.
Joint Compound or sometimes referred to as mud, is typically used for taping and texturing. Joint compound comes in a mixable powder or ready mix form or even quick set formulas. They are used for drywall construction or repairs as well as taping and texturing.
Glazing Compound is ideal for metal and wood window sashes. Glazing compounds work on single pane glass windows held in with wooden or metal sashes. It is a long lasting material that is resistant to both moisture and extreme temperature change.
Patching Compound is a ready mix that can expand and contract with the surface it is applied on, which helps to prevent future cracks. Patching compounds are good indoor and outdoor repairs. They work on masonry, concrete, drywall, and wood surfaces.
Spackling is best used for small cracks and holes. It comes in a putty or ready form that can be applied. It dries quickly, usually within 1 to 5 hours depending on the amount used.

Drywall Plaster

Plaster is a powder that is mixed with water to create a paste-like material. Plasters are typically used for interior repairs.
Patching Plaster is used for repairing surface cracks and even large holes in plaster walls and ceilings. Plaster sets quickly and can be sanded down to match the surface of the wall or ceiling.
• Plaster Pencils are used to repair fine cracks and small holes in plaster and wood surfaces. It dries quickly and adheres solidly.
Plaster of Paris is used to repair plaster, drywall casting that can be molded and sculpted. It is typically used for hobbies but can also work for wall fixtures.

Drywall Patch & Repair

General Patch and Repair products, such as putty and tape, are often used for drywall repair. Here are some of the common drywall repair materials used in conjunction with plaster and compounds.
Epoxy is a strong adhesion material that comes in white or metallic colors that can come in a liquid or resin and hardener. Typically not used for drywall but it does work great on appliances, plumbing, and rain gutter repair.
Fiberglass Patching is used for repairing rain gutters, roofing and interior walls and wooden surfaces. Fiberglass patching is great when you need a material to remain flexible.
Putty is probably one of the most common materials used to repair holes, cracks and gaps on drywall, wood and even furniture. Putty is ideal for repairing cracks and holes because it comes in many color options that can help blend the putty into any surface.

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New York Painting Services hopes we were able to list and explain the different types of drywall material along with other surface repair materials to help you fix and repair any job. However, if you find you need help to repair your drywall or other surfaces, New York Painting Services can help you.
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