How to Sponge Paint a Wall in Scarsdale, NY; Painting Color Combinations, Examples & More

Are you ready to update the look and the feel of your home? One of the best ways to start is to have your homes walls painted with a fresh coat of paint. You don’t always have to make a huge change or choose a drastic color to freshen up a room. You can use some fun techniques on wall texture that make an awesome look. One technique that was used a lot in the 1980’s in homes and on crafts was painting a wall then adding a secondary color with a sponge. This laid the second color over in the shapes that the sponge you used while allowing the color underneath to still shine through. This was huge and some people may think outdated but on the contrary! Using a sponge technique in the right way can leave a beautiful texture and brilliant finish when done right.

New York Painting Services Outlines Several Ways Sponges Can Be Used to Paint the Walls in Your Home

Basic Sponging On: When you want to have a standard sponge on effect this is the technique that is used. The real work comes with choosing the right color combinations. You want to use two colors that are in the same family and not too far apart in shade. They also are normally have the same finish so that you get a more uniformed look when the job is completed. You can use the darker color on top or on bottom depending in which color you want to show through more so. This is a great way to incorporate the colors from your favorite chair or throw pillow.
Basic Sponging Off: This is a technique that leaves the under color mostly covered. You lay a single color down and allow it to dry. Then you can use your bolder or darker color on top and before it has time to set and dry you sponge off parts of the top color. This will leave the top color looking a little smoother than the sponging on effect.
Low Or Subtle Contrast: This is a great idea to use when you want to stay in with a particular color and you want more of a textured look in the end. The base color and the top color that is sponged on are only one or maximum two shaded off from one another. This will leave you with a very subtle look and a great looking texture in the end.
Open & Loose Sponging: If you want to use sponge painting but you don’t want to cover the entire surface then an open & loose concept is right for you. The base coat is the main color that is painted on the walls. Then the sponge color is applied sparingly and spread out. This will usually be done with a sponge that is large and with a lot of spacing and gaps in it. The outcome of this will normally leave a more whimsical look to the room when done.

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