Tips for Painting Accent Walls in a Small Room Dark Black Without Streaks in Rye, NY

When it comes to painting the inside of your home or business, most play it safe. Sticking with traditional whites and lighter tones to emphasize space, reflect light, and encourage a calm and welcoming feel. Light colors are the trend and most stick with them as they get create with grays and pale colors. But what about the people are naturally drawn to darker colors? There is no rule that says you have to utilize light colors and those that are compelled to use black paint for the interior of the walls to establish sophistication, beauty, and pristine aesthetics, we at New York Painting Services have some tips and advice to do just that.

Painting a Room Black Tips

When people opt for black, it definitely should be incorporated in a color scheme; too much black can be poor on the eyes. Whether you use black for trim work, an accent color, or want it as the primary color, definitely have other colors in mind like white or gray variations for example. No matter how black is used overall, consider the following tips:
1) Light Availability: Naturally making a room feel more closed and dark, black absorbs light. When black is used in an illuminated room, it can create a classy, cozy charm, whereas in a small room that has little natural light, black will make it feel like an enclosed box.
2) Emphasis: When dealing with black paint, every other detail pops out. Contrasting colors, like white is always stunning, but black also compliments natural wood too. Just keep that in mind when deciding where all the focus should be.
3) Bend the Rules: Most experts agree that dark rooms in a small space should be avoided, back to the boxed in feel. But when used in conjunction with contrasting colors, the hallway or bathroom dark colors shy away from can be unique and gorgeous.
4) Accent Wall Paint Color: If you adore black, but are not ready to take the plunge and paint the walls primarily in this color, use black as an accent color on a single wall. Not only will you make a bold statement, but you will see if you like it and eventually do more walls in black.
5) Balance Accessories: When using any dark color, especially black, it craves contrast, without it the room is enveloped in a monochromatic nighttime. The options are truly endless when deciding the colors for accessories, but vanilla, creams, and other such whites tend to be the natural choice.
6) Black Paint Sheen. The sheen is equally important, for example, flat paint is easily handled when it comes to touch ups and is super simple to apply, but it is not known for its durability and does not reflect any light. Opting for high-gloss paint requires extensive prep work, but the end result is a stunning liquid finish.

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When it comes to the black paint, it is important it is strategically applied, but the outcome is something to behold. If you want to use black but are a little uncertain on the most optimal ways to apply it into your home, contact New York Painting Services and let our design experts assist you. Our specialists can get your black walls painted in crisp detail and leave you satisfied.

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