Best Neutral Paint Colors for Living & Other Rooms When Selling a House in Manhattan, NY

Are you thinking about changing the look of your home with paint? If you’ve been used to the more traditional look then you might be ready to be more daring. While this might be a fun and exciting way to go you might have yourself second guessing your decision once it’s been painted. The colors in the pictures you see in the magazines can be enticing and tempting to replicate but those pictures are all put together in a way that might not work in your home. There’s a new trend to consider; going neutral. Neutrals are very in right now and add an appeal to your home. What are some reasons that a neutral color palette is popular?

Reasons to Go With Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral doesn’t need to be white paint. There are lots of whites to choose from and while white seems to be more “hot” than ever there are neutral colors that go beyond. You can go with softer, more subdued versions of colors to provide the neutral look. This gives you a more reserved and less obtrusive look and feel.
Neutral paint colors make selling easier. If you’re looking to sell your home then neutral colors will make it easier. Neutral colors can add tangible value because they provide a fresh and attractive look but also allow the possible buyer to see themselves in your home. Potential buyers can be turned off by loud and bold colors that send them moving on to the next house.
Neutral paint colors achieve a brighter look. Rooms look bigger and brighter with neutral colors because lighter paint colors cause light to bounce instead of getting absorbed. This is the best paint strategy to use for smaller rooms, but can just as easily be used in any space.
Neutral paint palettes provide perfect backdrop. Let’s talk color again. You don’t need to paint your walls a bright color to add color to the room. Consider adding color through the décor in the room. This is an easy way to change the look of the room whenever you want. The neutral paint remains the perfect backdrop that can go with any colors you introduce.

Neutral Paint Colors Appeal to More People

Whether or not you’re moving might be the deciding factor. Neutral colors will appeal to the most buyers. If you’re staying and decide to paint your walls with a bold color you’ll be stuck with them for a while. The case is then made that neutral colors are good if you’re planning on staying in the house for a while because it’s easier to get tired of a bold color rather than neutral.

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