Flat or Matte VS Eggshell or Satin VS Semi or Gloss Paint Finishes on Walls & Ceilings in White Plains, NY

When you have decided to repaint your home, you are faced with some decisions on the type or paint you should use. Some will favor flat while others prefer semi-gloss or eggshell paint. Each type of paint has its pros as well as its cons. In the end it will come down to your preferences as to the type of paint you choose. New York Painting Services is here to explain the difference in the different varieties of paint to help you make that choice.

Flat or Matte Paints

Flat paints provide a wall with smooth, velvet like texture alongside strong and rich colors. One of the greatest benefits of using flat paints is that flat paint is great for hiding imperfections. Walls that have endured repairs or may have a lot of divots or uneven texture, flat paints help absorb light which hides many of these imperfections. There is a down side to using flat paints and that is they are sensitive to cleaning. Water and other cleaning agents can ruin flat paint and if the walls need to be cleaned, you will need to be careful. Some of the most recommended places to use flat paint in a home are on the ceiling, or as an accent wall. Avoid using flat paint in high traffic areas that may require the wall to need frequent cleaning.

Satin or Eggshell Paints

Eggshell or satin paints are what you would consider to be low luster paint. These types of paints are considered a great compromise for those who want strong pigments of color and curability. For a straight on approach, low luster color looks flat or matted, but viewed from an angle you will notice sheen to the color. The sheen for the lowluster paint can show the imperfections especially in a room with a lot of sun hitting on the wall so you will want to use eggshell or satin paints on relatively smooth walls. Make sure if you use low luster paint, to use a heavy primer first. Some of the best places to use low-luster paints are living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. These paints don’t hold up well in high humidity rooms so avoid using low-luster paint in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen and basements.

Gloss and Semi Gloss Paints

One of the most commonly used type of paints are gloss or semi gloss paints. They are a great paint to use for several reasons, such as they are great for hiding imperfections to an extent and they provide rich colors. They are also a very durable paint that is easily cleaned. However, the glossing finish does reflect a lot of light which is good for lighting up the room but may seem a bit harsh at times. Semi gloss and gloss paint can be used in any area of the home. They are easily cleaned for those high traffic rooms and are resistant to humidity. They also work well for trim work such as window and door trim and baseboards.

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Choosing the right paint matters depending on the area, the look of your paint, and the durability. These are your major considerations when choosing between the different types of paint. If you need help, New York Painting Services provides consultations along with many other services. If you’re ready to improve the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint, contact New York Painting Services.

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