Tips for Choosing the Paint Colors for Your Manhattan NYC Commercial Office or Business Space

The idea that colors have a dramatic impact on our lives has been around for a long time. Color is what makes the spaces, people and objects around us unique and different. It can change your mood whether it stimulates and energizes you, or calms and soothes you. Color is a big deal. Choosing the color you put on the walls in your business or office space is something you should really think about. New York Painting Services is here to help you in making your paint decisions.

Consider How the Lighting Changes the Way Paint Looks in Your Commercial Workplace Space

Lighting can really change the way paint looks on your walls. For instance, if you have incandescent bulbs they will give off a warmer glow than natural lighting or fluorescent bulbs will. You will want to look at paint samples during different times of day, taking into consideration what times you will be using the space. Most of the time you can get a small sample of the paint you are considering and put them on the wall so you can see what they will actually look like rather than using a paint chip.

What Type of Business or Work is Done in This Space? Paint Colors to Motivate or Calm!

What type of business is the office space for? If you are looking for your employees to be more artistic and passionate then you might want to choose a warmer palette and more dramatic colors. If the work done in this space is stressful and high strung, you may want to use cooler calming colors such as light greens and blues. The colors on your walls are going to have an effect on your employees so think about what kind of energy you are wanting to create.

Sometimes Less is More When it Comes to the Number of Different Paint Colors

At times it may sound fun to throw caution to the wind when it comes to choosing paint colors for an indoor space. There might be an idea that the more colors, the more interesting the space will be. You may want to incorporate the colors of your business logo in the paint color scheme of the office space. Keeping it simple is a good choice a lot of the time. Choose a paint color scheme and stick with it. You may decide that loud pops of color might look better in the furniture and accessories rather than on the walls of your office space. Again, you have to consider the energy and overall feel you would like to space to have.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller With Paint Colors

You need to consider the literal space available in your office. Are you trying to make the space look bigger? If so, you may want to consider lighter and brighter tones on the walls. When you are trying to make a space look bigger having a white ceiling is another way to make a room look more spacious. If you have a large space that you want to feel more inviting, warmer or darker colors can have that effect.

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When deciding on colors for your business or commercial space don’t do so on a whim or choose the ‘color of the year.’ Really think about the mood you want to set for yourself and the employees that will be working there. Color can change everything and New York Painting Services is here to help you shape your business into an amazing space. Contact us today to discuss your next painting makeover project!

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