How to Do Different Types of Decorative Paint Faux Finishes on Interior Walls in Yonkers NY; Preparation, Tools & Faux Finishing Painting

When we talk about faux finishes we are talking about decorative painting that replicates the appearance of surfaces like marble, wood, or stone. It creates an illusion of texture. The term faux is a French word that means false. It has become one of the hottest trends in home decor over the past few years. When done properly it can really change the shape and feel of a room. One great thing about faux painting is that it can spark a mood in a space without changing major aspects of the room such as flooring and furniture.

Different Types of Decorative Paint Faux Finishes

Faux painting can give the illusion of metal, mud, sandstone, sand, and brushed suede. Some finishes to consider are your basic textures which use two different colors, one over the other to develop contrast. Wood grain uses brushes to create the look. Metallic finishes using a metallic glaze for the top coat. Wallpaper can be replicated by painting over torn pieces of paper and then taking them off when done. You can also go for a shabby chic look where sections are wiped away before the paint dries. Faux paint can also create a Venetian feel. The possibilities are endless. One popular faux finish is marbleizing. Marble is beautiful but expensive. It comes in many colors and styles making design choices endless. When doing a marble finish on your walls there shouldn’t be too many veins because it can clash with the decor in a room. More veins should be created on countertops and other smaller surfaces.

Faux Painting Tools & Accessories

The tools used for faux painting differ from what is used in simply painting a wall. The most used tool would be painting sponges in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Sponges create a very textured look. There are three types of natural sponges that are commonly used. Wool, grass, and cultured sea sponges. Larger sponges are more consistently textured and provide a more usable surface. Large sponges will also speed up the process by covering more space. In addition, there is also the use of rags which will produce a smooth texture. Specialty rollers and brushes are also used.

How to Faux Finish Paint Walls

Preparing the surface of your walls will produce a much nicer finish. The wall should be washed first and any drywall holes should be patched up and repaired. The surface should then be lightly sanded and primed. Taping the room is very important. This is usually done to the baseboards, doors and window frames. With most faux finishing there is a base coat applied first and then accent colors are applied over it. The base coat is your main color. The second layer should be slightly lighter than the first. This will soften the first layer. You can then choose other colors to create the look you want.

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Faux painting is more affordable than buying expensive materials like marble for instance, leaving you more money to spend elsewhere in your home. Decorative painting can be a frightening concept to consider doing yourself so call the experts at New York Painting Services to get that beautiful faux finished look.

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