Best Wood Deck Sanding, Paint & Stain Coating Refinishing Services in Bronxville NY

Building a deck onto your home is a great way to expand the amount of space your home has to entertain family and other guests. Decks often end up as the busiest social gathering place around your home. Decks host barbecues, late night summer dinners and nice relaxing rests on your porch swing. With all of the heavy foot traffic that your deck receives coupled with the bright rays of the sun and other types of extreme weather, it is important to have your deck refinished or re-painted each year.

Avoid Leaving your Deck Bare Without Stain this Spring and Summer

Many homeowners who have a deck built onto their home think that it does not require any type of finish or paint at all, and that it looks fine in its natural state. While the look of your deck may appear great, the feel of your deck will be quite the opposite if you do not have it finished or painted. When wood is exposed to rain, sun, snow, dirt and other materials it will become damaged over time. When you re-finish your deck or paint it, you are also waterproofing your deck. Without water proofing your deck, there is a chance that mold may start to grow within the wood. A benefit of refinishing your deck or painting it is that it will eliminate any splitting and cracking that may occur otherwise. If you have young children running around barefoot, the last thing you want to happen is a large splinter to shoot through their foot.

Both Paint and Stain Maintenance are Great Ways to Lengthen the Life of your Deck

Many homeowners choose to stain their deck rather than paint it, nowadays there are so many different varieties of stain, and almost any color you can think of is available in stain. Back in the day there were maybe only a handful of stains to choose from and they were all a different shade of brown. A very popular shade that homeowners choose today includes grays, blues and even whites. The downside of staining your deck is that it will require more maintenance. The upside is that you can hire New York Painting Services to re-finish your deck for you and they will leave it looking like new.

Deck Painting, Staining & Refinishing in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York

Refinishing your deck can take a great deal of time and energy that you just don’t have. Contact New York Painting Services today to get your deck in tip top shape for the spring and summer this year.

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