Dangers of Mold Exposure After Structural Water Damage in White Plains NY; You May Need Drywall Repair, New Texture & Interior Painting to Match Existing!

Water damage to our homes can happen under a variety of circumstances. A faulty pipe, malfunctioning appliances, severe weather conditions, the possibilities can go on. If the water is not properly cleaned up, or the water damage efficiently contended with; mold spores can potentially set in, fester, and soon you can be dealing with a mold outbreak.

New York Painting Services would like to take the opportunity to relate some fact and information regarding mold, and the dangers they bring.

What Sickness Can Mold Cause

For starters, long term mold exposure can eventually make even the healthiest person sick, but those with allergic reactions to mold, people prone to asthma attacks or those suffering from low immune systems or respiratory problems can really be faced with challenges if exposed to mold. For allergy sufferers or those feeling the effects of mold on their body, you could be experiencing the following symptoms; throat irritation, nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation, and in some cases skin irritation.

What Causes Mold to Grow on Walls

Not only is mold dangerous to your health, but under the perfect factors, mold can infest a home quickly and even silently. When the home takes water damage, and enough moisture is left behind, combine that with warmth, darkness and a food source (dust is adequate); mold can thrive and flourish quickly. If the mold spores get wafted into the air, your HVAC system can now deposit the mold spores anywhere in the home, even in the ducts themselves. Mold spores settling in various areas of your home can easily take root, and thrive elsewhere. Mold can even be transported by people and pets. Spores can land on person or pet and then spread throughout the home when it gets left behind to grow in other places. If left untreated, soon your home can be overran with mold.

Repairing Water Damaged Walls & Ceilings

Mold doesn’t need a water damaged scenario catastrophe to take hold either. Mold can be a result of the bathroom not getting the proper ventilation for an extended period of time, or spores could have been deposited from somewhere outside or uncontrolled humidity levels in your home might be the cause. There are a number of possibilities of mold influencing your home. To keep you and your loved ones safe from hazardous mold, ensure you are doing what you can to prevent it. If your drywall or ceilings have suffered water damage, call New York Painting Services to expertly replace the drywall, apply texture and interior paint to match perfectly!

Helpful Tips to Prevent Mold:

– Do not let the humidity levels reach over 50% in your home. Air conditioning and dehumidifiers can contribute to maintaining levels.
– Utilize exhaust fans and all means of ventilation, especially in bathrooms, laundry rooms and anywhere else that frequently receives moisture.
– Immediately repair leaky pipes or plumbing fixtures.
– Dry any water spills or condensation as soon as possible.
– Add mold inhibitors to paint when painting your home’s interior.
– Use mold dissolving products to clean bathrooms.

Water Damage Repair, Drywall Replacement, Texture, Interior & Exterior Painting in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York

If your home has experienced water damage, a professional should be hired to ensure the water damage is properly and efficiently managed to avoid the possibility of a mold outbreak. If mold does take root, the CDC recommends getting a professional involved for proper cleaning, removal and disposal. At New York Painting Services we offer many services when it comes to home improvement. Water damage and painting services are readily available with our team of experts. Call us today!

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