How to Choose a Paint Color Scheme for Your Manhattan, NY Home Interior; Neutral Tan & Brown, Jewel Color Wheel & Nature Palettes

When you are ready to freshen up a room and make a splash with a new paint color you want to make sure that you decide on a color that you will be happy with. Choosing the wrong color can really cause a room to look bad and not anything like what you were going for. Paint colors can make an room look amazing, clean and pull all the décor together and leave your room feeling inviting and fun. It is also a great way to add some color and fun to a room that may have been drab. There are many things to consider when picking a new color for a room and making sure that you are happy with the color when it is all put together is a big deal. Be sure to take you time and consider all of these options.

New York Painting Services lists things to consider when you are choosing a new paint color for your home.

Neutral Tan & Brown Paint Colors: If you want to have more exciting furniture and colors in your window treatments and throw pillows you may want to go with a more neutral tone for the wall color. This is a great way to warm up a room and have it seem elegant and beautiful while still being able to have fun with the additions. The great thing about using tan, brown and cream is that most home décor items will match these colors and goes well with many carpet and tile colors.
Jewel Color Wheel Tones: This is a great color option if you want to have some luxury added to a room. The jewel tones are not for everyone but you can use them sparingly as an accent wall. It is a great way to have a great look that you can add to with some fun furniture and pillows. These colors are purples, emerald greens and some golden yellows. If you are ready to try something new and fun this is a great way.
Nature Color Palette: If you want a room to look inviting and warm you can go with some colors that mimic the colors of the outdoors. You can use yellow like the sun, green like the trees or blue like the sky. These colors mimic the outdoors which is where people go to enjoy the weather and it is also where many people find some serenity. These colors are also easy to match with piece of furniture and artwork. They can be subtle colors or darker depending on what it is that you are looking for out of the room.

New York Painting Services has color experts that can help you choose a color that is right for you in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York.

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