How to Prep a Room & Walls for Interior Painting in Bronxville, NY; Have Drywall Repaired, Give Easy Access to House Painters & Protect Furniture from Paint Overspray

Having a room painted is a great way to freshen up a room or add a new color or texture to your house. Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to add some pizazz and some color to a room that is maybe bland or lacking in some color. When you have made the decision to add a new paint color to a room in your home there are some things that you will need to do in order for the process to take place. If you take these steps the process will be done quickly and the end result will be amazing. The professional that you hire to do the paint will be able to go over the process and a timeline that they will need to get your home painted. If you want to get a jumpstart on the process you want to do a few things to be ready to go.

New York Painting Services lists ways to prepare your home to have a room painted by a professional.

Remove Photos, Paintings & Belongings: If you are having a room painted you want to be sure that the area is cleared out so that the painter has the space to get to all the walls without anything in the way. You want to remove furniture from the room all together or at least to the center of the room so that it can be covered before the painting begins. You can also remove all the items that are hung on the wall like pictures, shelves and outlets covers. That will clear the room so that all the walls are completely exposed and open for the painting to begin.
Before Painting, Cover All Pieces Of Furniture: If you happen to leave pieces of furniture in the room because it is too hard to move it out, you want to be sure that all the pieces are covered completely. There is going to be overspray that will get on all the surfaces that are not covered. The painter will bring their own tarps and drop clothes to protect areas such as carpeting and other rooms that are adjacent to the room they are going to be working in.
Have Drywall Repaired: If you have any areas of drywall that are damaged in any way including small holes from hanging pictures, have them repaired. This will ensure that the paint will go on smoothly and leave the room looking as good as new and ready to be decorated how you please.

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