Repairing Flood & Water Damaged Walls & Ceilings in White Plains, NY; Preventing Mold & Mildew, Drywall Replacement, Mud, Taping & Interior Painting

If you have ever experienced a natural disaster like a hurricane or a tornado then you are probably familiar with the frustrations that accompany such an ordeal. Thousands of homes are damaged each and every year from flooding that accompanies large storms. Many homeowners do not know where to turn when it comes to having their home properly repaired by a professional. Damaged walls and ceilings from flood water must be taken care of completely to avoid any type of mold or mildew growth in the home which can greatly affect the well-being of you and your family. New York Painting Services specializes in repairing flood damaged walls and ceilings.

Floods Are Not Always a Predictable Event

Homeowners take many precautions when it comes to protecting their home and flood insurance should be at the top of the priority list. Floods are not predictable and no homeowner ever expects to plan for a serious roof or wall repair due to flooding. Of all the possible disasters that can damage a home, flooding is the least predictable in terms of the amount of damage it can be responsible for. Some home owners are lucky enough to salvage their homes, even if they are forced to get rid of damaged furniture, appliances and other items like carpeting and baseboards. However there are other home owners that find themselves in need of thousands of dollars in repairs due to the destruction that the flooding has caused. New York Painting Services will help you repair your walls and ceiling in your home that have been damaged from flooding.

Cleaning Up Mold and Mildew After a Flood

Flood water is the most dangerous type of water to come into contact with and to have running through your home. Floodwater may contain raw sewage, chemical waste, and all other types of infectious microbes. It is important to stay away from flood water whenever possible, if you happen to come into contact with flood water wash your hand immediately to avoid becoming ill from all of the bacteria that it carries. Floodwater is notorious for causing mold growth throughout a home. Many people cannot get the water cleaned up fast enough and so it begins to grow and spread throughout the home in areas that the home owner is unaware of. Mold and mildew in the home are a serious danger to the health of you and your family. Mold spores will cause allergic reactions, asthma, sinus congestion, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat and other medical complications. Walls and ceilings that have been damaged from flood water are likely to produce mold and mildew if they are not properly repaired.

Wall and Ceiling Flood Repair, Drywall Replacement, Texture, Interior & Exterior Painting in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York

The best way to make sure your home is safe and your ceiling and walls are properly restored after a flood is to hire New York Painting Services for your flood repair needs. New York Painting Services is skilled and experienced in repairing ceilings and walls that have been damaged by flood water. We begin with an assessment and inspection, drywall repair or replacement if needed, expertly apply texture and interior paint. Contact New York Painting Services today for the best flood repair services available.

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