2016 Interior & Exterior Paint Color Trends for the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Living Areas in Your White Plains NY Home

Most of us don’t buy new furniture yearly to make a room look different. This would become very expensive. There is a little known secret about what can make a room look completely different. That secret is paint. The best part about paint is that it is an inexpensive way to make home improvements happen. Color can change the way a room looks in shape and size. Researching the latest color trends may be a good starting point to avoid wasted time and money.

How Design Color Trends are Determined; Color Marketing Group, Technology & Fashion

To think about where color trends come from you need to think globally. Color trends come from everywhere. The color industry is led by the Color Marketing Group (CMG) and is an integral part of many different industries. The growth of technology has also determined color trends because computers deliver color faster than anything else. Fashion plays a role in color trends as well because colors from there move out into interior design.

Popular Paint Colors for Bedrooms, Living Rooms & Kitchens

There are many different paint retailers and most of them have 2016 color picks. These range from lilacs and purples, milky blues, bold greens, neutral colors and believe it or not a shade of white seems to be “all the rage” for 2016. Benjamin Moore Paints is stating that white is elegant or understated, neutral or graphic, white is the ultimate in versatility. The starting point for inspiration begins with white. Shades of gray seem to have become the new neutral shade of late.

Choosing a Paint Color Scheme for Your House

Following a few simple steps will help you get the desired result. When picking a paint color it is important to really think about the room you are painting. Think of the mood for that room. Are you going for a dramatic effect or an intimate one? Strong colors add drama to a room while soft colors or neutrals create a quieter feeling. Something important to pay attention to when choosing a color is the lighting. The light in a room changes throughout the day. Natural light shows the truest color. Make sure to test your color choice by painting a large area on the wall or a poster board. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone may surprise you at what you like so go for it! Many paint retailers allow you to take a picture on your phone of the room you want to paint and then choose colors to see what it would look like.

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Looking at trends is a good place to start but the choice is ultimately yours. Colors can make us feel happy or sad. They can also make us feel hungry or relaxed. We need to remember that colors are subjective. The same color can make two people feel different because they have different life experiences. The colors you choose are a reflection of your personality. The easiest and most cost effective way to redecorate is to apply a fresh coat of paint that is sure to brighten any room. When you find the perfect color or need help choosing a color scheme, give New York Painting Services a call.

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