Is Wallpaper Back in Style & What are the Latest Current Trends in Bronxville NY? Small & Large Flowers, Geometric & Animal Print Wallpapers

Believe it or not but wallpaper is not just a thing of the past. Wallpaper was a huge trend back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and then started to take a dip in style. Most people went for a more sleek and elegant paint color on their walls and less people were choosing wallpaper or wall coverings. Wallpaper has started to make a comeback and it is all for the best. People tend to want something that is more unique to them and the décor that they like as opposed to fitting in to a neutral color palette. Wallpaper options and looks have come a long way and there are some really funky and fun trends for 2016 that may be right for you.

New York Painting Services has some of the hottest trends in wallpaper for 2016.

Small & Large Flower Print Wallpaper: We are not talking about the most common 80’s themed wallpaper we are talking about the latest and greatest trend. Floral is huge and people are using this as an accent to their homes décor. The amount of floral options in wallpaper are endless. You can go with a bold large print or a more subtle print but flowers are a great way to add some fun to a room. You can have floral wallpaper added to a single wall or an entire room and the size of the print is up to you but the bigger the better for 2016!
Modern Colorful or Gray Geometric Wallpaper: Do you want a more modern look for your wallpaper then a geometric design may be right for you. This type of paper is really cool in a smaller area or in a bedroom. It can add an element of fun and give the room a more personal touch. You can even have this type of pattern put on a ceiling for a pop and a surprise to your guests that happen to notice it. This is a more modern style of print and can be considered more sophisticated as well.
Animals Prints Make Great Modern Nursery Wallpaper: If you want a more luxurious look in your home and you are willing to be more daring then an animal print is the way to go. You can have this in an entry way, library or office to add some luxury to a room! Animal prints in nurseries are a cool new trend for 2016!

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