Baseboards, Chair Rails, Door Trim & Crown Molding Add a Finished Look to any Room in Manhattan NY

Do you have a room that just seems to look boring and unfinished? There are several ideas and additions that you can do to make a room look great and more finished. When the room is painted it can add a great clean look but you may still feel like something is missing. You can add some furniture and decorations that can add some level of fun to the room but there is even more that you can do. Adding some baseboards, chair rails or crown molding is a great way to make the room finished. These items are great and can be installed by a professional painting company.

New York Painting Services lists what baseboards, chair rails, door trim and crown molding can do for your room

Upgrade Your Baseboards: All homes have baseboards that are installed at the level of the wall and the flooring and where they meet. The baseboards is usually standard with homes and is usually a standard size and shape and many times it painted a glossy white. You can have these standard baseboards removed and have newer and more unique ones installed. They can be taller and have more cuts and shape to add some more texture to the room. The baseboards can also be painted a color that accents the room if you so desire.
Add Crown Molding: This is not in most homes and not common in a standard build. Crown molding is a definite addition to any room and is a great way to add some texture to the room and some level of sophistication. Crown molding is a piece of wood or other material that is installed at the level of the wall and the ceiling. It can be many different shapes and sizes with different textures. It is a great way to add a stop to the wall and into the ceiling that can leave the room looking great.
Chair Rails Are A Great Addition: If you want to add another level many people choose to add a chair rail to a bedroom or a dining room. Just like a baseboard the chair rail is added to a wall but it is placed and installed at about the height that a chair would back into the wall. It is a great way to layer colors on the wall and have a color beneath the chair rail and a separate color above the chair rail. Call New York Painting Services for all your painting and home improvement needs!

If you want to have some crown molding, baseboards, door trim and chair rails to your home, call New York Painting Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York.

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