Painting Exterior Office Buildings; Commercial Paint Color Consultations for Businesses in Brooklyn NY

When you are looking into painting your commercial office building there are a lot of things you need to take into account. First of all, the benefits of painting the building and maintaining its look can add value to your business as well as drive customers to want to come to you. When the exterior of the building it kept nice, customers and clients can determine that the business owner takes pride and cares for the business. Even though the saying goes never judge a book by its cover, it happens often. If you pull up to a business that is looking shabby and beat up, you may choose to go to another office instead.

New York Painting Services has a few tips to help you decide on a color paint scheme for your exterior commercial office building.

Painting Different Size Buildings: When you start to talk about painting a commercial building you can assume that the building is going to be much larger than a residential house. This means that you need to choose a color that will still look good when put on a large area. A color that you may have chosen for a smaller project may not work as well as with a much larger building.

Painting Color to Co-ordinate with Logo: Many commercial buildings are used for business and the business wants to attract customers. The customers can easily identify the office space by the logo on the building. Most business owners will use their logo on the building, signage and doors. When you are picking a color you may want to pick something that will look good with your logo.

Material to Paint: You want to know what the material is that is going to be painted. This is to be sure that the correct type of paint is used on the project. You want to use a specific kind for siding, wood or stucco. This will ensure that the paint goes on smooth and stays looking great for longer.

Paint Colors to Blend with Architecture: This is a huge factor to look at when choosing colors. If you are in an area that has building with period specific architecture you want to choose colors that are appropriate for that era. You also need to take into account the amount of accents and pop outs that will need a second or third color choice.

Paint Colors to Match Surrounding Buildings: If you are in an area that is surrounded by other office buildings you want to consider the color schemes that they are using. You want to make sure that your building looks good and stands out but is not a huge distraction in the area. You want to make sure that you make the entire district to look better to get more traffic and customers into your office.

When you are ready to add some color to your commercial space call New York Painting Services today to make an appointment.

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