How to Decorate Walls Without Paint, Drywall or Wallpaper Damage in White Plains, NY

When the holidays come you can be sure that most people will start to decorate and hang all their festive stockings and lights. This usually will come with nails, tape, sticky tack and command hooks. All of these can leave marks on your paint and the items you are hanging can cause some damage to the paint and drywall as well. No one wants to remove their decorating and have to start the New Year off having to touch up the paint on the interior walls.

New York Painting Services has some great tips for decorating so that you are protecting your paint, wallpaper and drywall this holiday season.

Protecting your Walls with Removable Adhesive Hooks – Removable Hooks is a great way to go. Most of these can be purchased at a home improvement store or a super center. They come is several styles, colors and sizes. You can hang just about anything you want for the holidays with these temporary hooks. They have a small strip of adhesive that is sticky on each side. Be sure to read and follow the instructions on the package on how to use them correctly. The great thing is that they will work on your painted surface and should be easy to remove without leaving any trace of them being there and won’t damage the paint underneath. They are also very affordable and can purchased for a great price each year.

Home Decorating Tape for Protection of Walls – Decorating Tape is a way to hang some projects that are not very heavy. If you want to put up a cute picture that the kids made at school or a Christmas card from a relative you can use this tape. The tape is designed to be used as a temporary decorating adhesive. They are also safe to use on your interior walls and will not leave damage behind. When you are done with the decoration simply take it down and the tape with it.

Over the Wall Hangers Leave no Holes or Wall Damage – Hangers are another way to add some pizazz to a room without actually attaching anything to the wall. You can purchase hangers that go over the door and ends with a hook. You can hang a wreath or other item that can be displayed over a door. Try this out over bedroom doors and entry doors as a fun alternative to decorating. This one you simply remove when done and pack away for the next year.

Hang Up an Indoor Clothesline for Minimal Wall Damage – Clothesline is a fun way to utilize some space that you may not have thought about before. You can run a clothesline along a wall that you can then use to hang art projects to stockings. It is a great way to not attach the items to the wall but still have them out.

If you happen to cause damage to your paint, wallpaper or drywall and need it touched up or are ready to freshen it up all together call New York Painting Services today and we can repair it in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York.

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