Painting & Decorating Tips Before Moving into a New House in White Plains, NY

There is much debate among the different industries whether or not you should paint the new home before or after moving in. Some suggest painting after because with the versatility of options, you can better narrow it down by incorporating your own furniture, art, accessories and flooring options. Others, however, believe that painting prior to moving in is more beneficial. For example, the furniture is out of the way, you don’t have to budget for movers or storage to move your bulky items out of the way and you are least likely to procrastinate the project if you get it done before moving in. With all things considered, we at New York Painting Services would like to expound on painting your home prior to moving in.

Why You Should Paint Your New House Before Moving In?

Where we already touched on the argument that painting is more ideal after you have moved in to the new abode, below you will find the reasons as to why you should paint first.
1) Avoid anxiety from unwanted paint colors. Living with colors that are not only your taste, but clash will make your teeth clench, put you on edge, and completely make staring at the ugly compilation near torture. Even if you are not sure what colors you want, schemes, interior design, and so on, painting the walls a neutral white colors before moving in will help protect your sanity.
2) Gives time for toxic VOC paint fumes to dissipate. Headaches and nausea are easily produced from VOC and it is even proven that chronic exposure can lead to cancer and liver damage. Paints may contain formaldehyde or ethylene glycol, even when there is little or no VOC. The majority of VOCs from latex-based paints will dissipate within the first two weeks, which makes painting prior to moving in a lot more appealing.
3) Ceilings, closets and trim are easier to paint. Painting tight spaces, trim work, and other intricate applications is much simpler when there aren’t possessions in the way. There is no concern for items to get smudged or splattered and with fewer restrictions; you can complete the task faster.

Pre-Painting Checklist

To begin your pre-move in painting project, consult with the following checklist to execute it smoothly and efficiently:
– Install your permanent light fixtures and preferred bulbs before choosing your paint colors.
– The rebel in you might be tempting you to resist the former stark white living space by picking Banana Yellow and Navajo Turquoise for your walls. Avoid such impulses. With current trends and interior design themes, you can avoid the plain white walls and still enjoy tasteful color combinations.
– Do consider the existing furniture, artwork and floor coverings when selecting the wall color; you are looking to compliment the space, not make it clash.
– To narrow down your favorite colors, choose your favorite paints and tape the swatches to the walls. Observe the swatches throughout the day and into the evening hours to make a fair assessment as to how the natural elements of morning, afternoon and evening light influence the colors.

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If time is the issue at why you are opting to paint after moving in, New York Painting Services is readily available to paint your walls quickly and efficiently before move in day. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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