How to Repaint Baseboards & Interior Trim Molding in Glen Head, NY Without Brush Strokes

When it comes to home improvements without a whole lot of effort and not a lot of cash to spend on your home, the options are fairly limited. However, there are quite a few things you can do to add trendy nuances and shift the overall appearance to any room. One of those things is simply refreshing the mold and trim around your home or room with paint. We at New York Painting Services would like to share more regarding refreshing the molding elements in your home with paint.

Painting Trim & Molding for a Bright New Sheen

The molding is instrumental in defining the home’s style and architectural design. But if that mold is appearing filthy, chipped, scuffed, or tarnished in any way, it can instantly make a room feel dated. Adding a fresh coat of vibrant paint, new or the same color, will make the baseboards and trim look fresh and bright. Taking a room one by one and give the molding a fresh coat of paint is cost effective and doesn’t eat up too much, especially if you do one or two rooms in a weekend.

Best White or Neutral Trim Paint Colors

Depending on the interior design of your home and current color scheme dictates the color of the trim that will look best. Neutral colors; whites, grays, blacks, and so on can easily fit into any ensemble. Opting to go bold on neutral colored walls is an option and you can never go wrong with bright whites or pale creams.

Semi or High Gloss for Trim & Doors

Once you have decided on the color, picking sheen is just as important. Baseboards, windows and door casings often take a lot of abuse and show signs of wear relatively quickly. With the effects of semi-gloss or high-gloss interior paints, these features can look exceptionally well and extend the longevity of the paint job. Having enough binder in this level of sheen increases the durability of the finish and makes them easier to clean.

Repairing or Replacing Interior Trim

In some cases, you may note that some molding needs more attention than a fresh coat of paint and deciding whether or not to repair or replace may be a consideration. To improve the overall appearance and extend the lifespan of the molding, repairing the dents is definitely recommended. If any of the trim has been poorly installed, excessively damaged, or other signs of advanced deterioration, replacement is ideal. Replacing the trim can give you the additional opportunity to update the look or alter it all together. Just bear in mind, the cost can inflate simply with miscalculated cuts.

Ideas for Painting Interior Doors

If the molding is in need of tender love and care, chances are that the doors are equally in need. Doors are even more susceptible to dents, dings and paint wear as well as filthy residues building up. Matching the trim, using whites, or even adding bold different colors to add an instant flare can make a home’s interior more enhanced.

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If you find that the molding needs more than just painting, or that painting the molding alone is adequate but you lack the time or endurance, contact New York Painting Services and let our specialists find the optimal solution to improve the molding in your New York or New Jersey home.

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