Staining a Deck After Pressure Washing in Chappaqua, NY; Best Solid or Transparent Sealer

Deck stain products provide the best adhesion and wear. If you have a deck that is bare wood, then there are some things to consider. Should you opt for a solid color stain, semi-transparent stain or transparent stain?

Best Long Lasting Deck Stain; Solid or Transparent

1. Consider the weather conditions where you live. If your deck is exposed to more UV rays, then solid stains will provide more protection from the sun. If your deck will be exposed to more water, then more transparent stains are better as they will allow extra moisture to escape.
2. Consider the type of wood your deck is made of. You can accentuate the grain of more expensive wood by using a transparent stain instead of covering it with a solid stain. If your deck is older, then you should opt for a solid stain to blend faded or replaced boards with the rest of the deck.
3. Consider the look you’re going for. Modern looks can be achieved by using a solid stain and you have lots of color options that allow for fun patterns and designs. Rustic looks can be achieved by using a light-colored stain that will allow the natural wood to show through.

Types of Deck Stains & Sealers

Solid stains have more pigment that will protect the deck from UV rays and inclement weather. It’s thick and will do a great job at filling in minor gaps and cracks in the wood. It’s also great at covering damage and discoloration too. Transparent and semi-transparent stain is good in controlling the natural wood to show through based on the amount of pigment in the stain. Stain is water permeable and allows moisture to escape. This will reduce the risk of wood rot and with so many colors to choose from, you can completely change the look of your deck. Wood stains come in an array of colors. Natural hues to lots of unique options. If stains have more pigment, you’ll get a more saturated color and the look of the final result will depend on the shade you choose. Taupe is a neutral tone that compliments any color, green will harmonize with the surrounding foliage, blue looks traditional and modern, red is bold and rustic and gray is perfect for a sea-inspired coastal look. Test the stain you are considering in a small hidden area of your deck to see how the natural color of the wood will affect the stain color once its applied. This will also allow you to see how the grain will look after application.

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Selection and application of stain is just as important as the prep work. Prep work is important when it comes to staining your deck. The condition and age of your deck needs to be looked at and then it needs to be cleaned, stripped, sanded, boards need to be repaired or replaced and primed. This is a good reason to hire professionals to stain your deck. It will save you time and money and it will also give you the best results possible. New York Painting Services has the experience needed to get you superior results. Contact us today for a consultation to have your deck looking great for the rest of the summer.

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