Best Windowless Room Paint Colors in Manhattan, NY to Bright Light to a Bedroom or Other Room

Do you have a basement or a room that has no windows? It seems like these area are often overlooked and left alone when you design and decorate the house. It is hard to get the right look and feel for a room that has no natural light. Natural light makes a huge difference when putting a room together. During the day you get the great open lighting that increases the brightness and as well as making it much more inviting. When you lose this option with a room that has no windows you may not know what options you have. There are some great tips on how to best design these types of rooms while making them feel very welcoming. This can open up space that you aren’t using and increase your living space.

New York Painting Services Lists Design & Painting Tips for Your Windowless Room

Improve Lighting in a Dark Room: The reason that rooms with no windows are usually ignored is because they are lacking great natural light. The light from a window can not only add light but increase the mood in the room as well. Although you can’t add a window to a room in most cases you can still use lighting to your benefit. The first thing you need to look at is what types of bulbs you are using. There are several shades of bulbs that give off different colors. A cold bulb gives off a blue tone in the light which is not the best option for a windowless room. A warm light gives off a yellow tone that actually can look very unnatural and leave the room looking unwelcoming. You need to find a bulb that is a good natural balance of the two. You also need to increase the lights in the room such as can lights and lamps. Make sure that the lamps have the right style shade on them. The shade should be paper or ceramic but not metal. The metal will not allow the light to diffuse well which is why you need to use other options.
How to Choose the Right Paint Colors: Now for the fun part. When you are looking at what color to paint the room it may seem like white is the way to go. White is usually a way to increase the size of something that seems small including a room. Although white is a great option in many instances it is not great in a windowless room. The artificial light will actually make the white paint look yellow and even green. The white paint will give off undertones that may not be what you originally wanted. The option that is best for a room without windows is grays. You can go with a soft gray that will look perfect in a windowless room.
Adding a Pop Of Color to a Neutral Room: You want to keep the paint color uniform but you don’t have to follow suit with the décor. You can add some fun decorative throw pillows in great colors. You can have your side tables painted a fun color with a nice high shine to add that burst of fun and color to a room.

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