Paint Sheen Finishes Guide in Throgs Neck, NY; Matte Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss & Gloss

Finding the right paint color scheme for any specific room in your home can be a rather staggering decision. There are many factors you have to consider, such as which room it is, the flooring, accessories, furnishings, architectural design, the interior design goal, and the overall dynamic of the room. Once you have made the final decisions on the color or colors, you then have to select the appropriate sheen for the finishing touches. For some, the level of sheen can be a difficult choice, especially when you are uncertain of the basics. With that in mind, we at New York Painting Services would like to briefly explain the different sheens.

Paint Sheen Chart

The sheens available for your interior and exterior painting projects include flat or matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. The high-gloss reflects more of the light; making it shinier and it is an indication how well it can be cleaned and the durability of it. When it comes to sheen, the amount of light it reflects and absorbs dictates the level of sheen it is. As you select the level of sheen, it is important to know what the final look should be and the features you want out of your paint.

Guide to Paint Sheens

With several different sheens available in exterior and interior oil or latex base paint, it is important you know the basics. Gloss or semi-gloss reflects the light; making it looks shinier where the other end of the spectrum is matte or flat has zero amount of sheen, these paints will absorb all the light and have shine whatsoever. Though any sheen can be applicable in any room, some sheen is more ideal than others. The general information dictated below can give you an idea as to where the different sheens are better for the look you have in mind.
1) Flat, Matte: Flat or matte sheens absorb dirt easily, which can burnish the finish during cleaning treatments. This sheen can be used for both high and low traffic areas is it is the perfect solution for camouflaging imperfections in fresh construction or drywall repair; leaves a subtle and smooth finish.
2) Eggshell, Low Luster, Low-gloss: The smooth finish is much like an eggshell and is best used in low-traffic rooms. More resistant to scuffs and stains, the low-gloss or eggshell is easier to clean than the matte sheen and still creates a smooth finish. .
3) Satin: Ideal for both interior and exterior use, the light scrubbing needed when dirty is fairly simple. This finish is ideal for more active rooms and has a soft and elegant outcome.
4) Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss is exceptional for high-traffic areas as it is especially easy to clean. The smooth sheen reflects light and is perfect for both exterior and interior applications. For full consideration, not that it does have flaws with sticking but it is the perfect solution for moisture resistance.
5) Gloss: Gloss is simple to clean and displays very reflective and brilliant sheens with a smooth finish. The downside is that the gloss will pronounce the imperfections on surfaces that are unclean and not smooth so it needs perfectly clean, leveled surfaces.

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