Uses & Projects for Leftover Paint in Mott Haven, NY; Faux Painting, Hand Painted Furniture & More

After completing an interior painting project many homeowners find that they have a lot paint left over. Where it is always good to keep a small amount for painting touchups, keeping multiple gallons can be of better use than taking up space in the garage where spiders will just guard it. Instead, consider other creative uses for the left over paint. With that in mind, we at New York Painting Services would like to make suggestions on how you can use the left over paint from your last project.

Paint Dipped Wooden Spoons & Utensils

This idea is especially optimal for those that have just repainted the kitchen. The dull and shabby looking wooden utensils, coasters canisters and other kitchen implements can take on a makeover with the left over paint. Paint the handles of the utensils and use your imagination for the rest. It will match the kitchen perfectly and add a touch of chic.

Hand Painted Furniture & Cabinets

A popular trend the last few decades is upcycling the furnishings and cabinets. Revitalize the old cabinets with the leftover paint with a creative application. Upcycle the furnishings into a melding of traditional and contemporary pieces all by creating a hybrid piece of furniture that is both attractive and unique. Like the upcycling, you alter the appearance of your furniture with paintwork with embellished color. To create contrasting colors, use leftover paint to impose striking and bold statements. Take bookcases, cabinets, centerpieces, or a mantelpiece are ideal candidates for embellished paintwork. Utilize the stencils or sponges on the pieces to match the interior painting.

Faux Painting Walls & Ceilings

Customize your paintwork with sturdy sponges and design your own stamps, this little tidbit can be shaped in unique patters. Use the leftover paint on the painted walls as you dab the newly created stamps on your walls for design that has more depth. Using stencils premade, or those you shaped yourself can do a similar creative look. Be sure the stencils will not allow paint to bleed through and you research how to do this technique for inspiration.
You can break up the primary paint on the walls by using leftover accent paint by painting a few picture or mirror frames. Contrasting colors in other rooms can be ideal to throw in a creative burst of color in a room. It will add more d├ęcor and significantly alter overall appearance of the room.

Painting Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom paint leftovers can transform the toilet plunger handle, or the handle of the toilet scrubber as well. Medicine cabinets can be presented with the leftover paint to incorporate the color scheme of the bathroom along with the cabinets.

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No matter what you decide to do with the left over paint, you can do more than let it set in the garage. These are just a few ideas to get your creativity and imaginative juices flowing. When it comes time to paint the interior of your home, let the experts of New York Painting Services get your home painted with superior results. We use premium quality products and equipment and our artisans have the experience and training to ensure the safety, efficiency, and quality of your project and get it done in a timely manner. Call New York Painting Services to get started.

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