Common Drywall Mistakes & Damage in Port Chester, NY; Hiring Affordable Drywall Repair Contractors

Drywall is a material used in construction to create walls and ceilings. It can also be used to create arches, eaves and other architectural designs. It’s made of calcium sulfate dihydrate that may or may not have additives. This is pressed between facers and backers that are made of thick sheets of paper. It’s also known as wallboard, plasterboard, sheet rock or gypsum board. Drywall is very useful because it’s durable, very affordable and easy to use. It’s also very easy to customize and is very easy to match. For these reasons it’s one of the most commonly used construction materials. Even with these advantages there will come a time when it will need to be repaired and strengthened. Drywall is an important part of your home and keeping it in good shape will make sure your house looks great. Normal deflection of rafters and shrinking wood is normal and will cause your drywall to have issues from time to time.

Common Mistakes & Problems with Drywall

Popped nails– Drywall installation involves ceiling joists and wall studs. The studs can pop out from time to time. To fix this problem the popped nails are removed and replaced with new screws and then several layers of joint and drywall compound will be applied.
Small holes– Small holes are the easiest drywall problem to fix. You can use a drywall maintenance plate that will adhere to the drywall with an adhesive backing. The plate can then be covered up with a layer of paint.
Large holes– Larger holes will be harder to repair because they need to be completely removed from the wall before any repairs can be done. The area surrounding the hole will need to be cut out completely and a new piece of drywall will need to put in the opening. Attach it with screws and cover it with joint compound and drywall tape. Then it can be finished with sanding and paint to have it blend in with the rest of the wall.
Cracking– Hairline cracks can be repaired with a coat of paint. Larger cracks will need some caulk or spackle.
Damp ceiling– Drywall can get wet for many reasons. Whether it’s a downpour of rain or a burst pipe. It can cause moisture damage. The first thing you’ll need to do is fix the moisture problem. The affected area will need to be sanded and then a layer of stain-resistant primer will need to be applied. This will make it harder for moister to be a problem in the future. The last step will be a concealing it with drywall compound.

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