Basement Remodeling & Finishing Ideas in Rye Brook, NY; Paint Color, Lights & Soundproofing Matter!

The house is a place that you can show off your personal style with the décor that you choose. Your décor can say you love the modern straight lines, or your paint can say you love bright vibrant colors. That is why the look of your home is a huge aspect of how you feel when you’re home. The other part is what areas you are utilizing in the home. One area that is sometimes overlooked and unused is the basement. The basement can be an unfinished space that you simply store the items you are not using or a livable space that can be great for everyone in the family. The basement most of the time is not the same as other areas of the house. It is underground and usually has a lower ceiling line than the rest of the home. That is why you need to use caution when making design choices for your basement.

New York Painting Services Outlines What You Need to Know When Choosing to Renovate Your Basement

Paint Color Matters: First and foremost the color that you choose to paint the basement says a lot. That reason is simple, the basement is a place that has almost no natural light and can feel very closed in. There is going to be poles that extend into the basement and no windows flooding the space with the sunlight. You want to make sure that your paint color does not continue to close in the space but actually opens it up. The best choice you can make when doing any design work in your basement is to use light and bright colors. This will make the space feel very open and full. Use a light color that covers all the walls and the ceiling making less stops when the eye follows the room. The single color is the way to go when painting a basement with a light colored flooring option.
Lights Are Necessary in Basements: When you are getting the layout of the room in your basement you need to include where the light will come from. The light is essential to making the room usable and needs to be adequate. That is why the plans and design need to include where the built in light will be installed and where you plan to place lights that are going to be on lamps or hung on the wall. You want to be able to spread light through the space to continue helping it look open and inviting.
Soundproof Basement: You also want to be sure that the noise level is limited in the space. You can help stop the noise from traveling by using a carpet rather than a hard surface for the floor. You can also have extra insulation added to the ceiling and the walls. This is also a way to help keep the space warm in the cold of the winter.

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