Lead Based Paint Dust Dangers, Identification, Testing, Inspection, Repainting Over & Removal in Harrison, NY

Old houses hold a certain charm that is attracting to many buyers. They have details and architecture that can’t be found in newer homes. The down side to an older home is the possibility that is was painted with lead-based paint. Lead paint will most likely be found in homes that were built or remodeled before 1978. When paint ages, it can chip or crumble into dust and exposure to this lead-based paint can lead to serious health problems.

Lead-Based Paint Dust Dangers

In 1978 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission lowered the legal maximum of lead content in many types of paint to 0.06 percent. If the home you purchased was built before 1978 it will need to be tested for lead before you renovate or repaint. This is even more important if infants, children or pregnant women are living in the home. Painting these homes will need to be handled by a painting company that is certified to remove and/or repaint lead paint because of the hazards associated. When homes are cleaned or renovated, lead dust will get stirred up through sweeping or vacuuming. Even the simple act of walking around can cause lead dust to become airborne. When lead-based paint is present, there will be lead dust and can be ingested or inhaled. The lead dust can be found on floors, walls and furniture and can be ingested from direct hand-to-mouth contact.

Lead Paint Identification, Testing & Inspection; Repainting Over Lead Paint

To know whether lead is present in your painted surfaces, you can take or mail samples to a lead testing laboratory. There are also chemical spot test kits available. When paint containing lead is found, there is paperwork that needs to be done to document the presence and content of it. The furniture, carpets and drapes will need to be removed from the area and other surfaces and the countertops, cabinets and floors will need to be covered and sealed. When the paint is in good condition on ceilings and walls you can paint over it or cover them with wallpaper to keep the lead in place. If it’s chipping or peeling on areas that kids can chew on it like windowsills or stair railings, it needs to be removed or covered. If painted surfaces rub against each other like doors and windows, they will need extra work to stop the friction. Paint damage from leaks will need to be repaired first. It’s important to stay out of the work area while the job is being done. Rooms need to be worked on one at a time. The work area(s) need to be sealed off from the rest of the house including HVAC ducts using heavy plastic sheets.

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There are methods of removing paint that actually increase the risk of lead exposure. The safest method should always be used to reduce these risks and create as little dust as possible. This will ensure your family stays safe throughout the process. Consider hiring professionals with experience when dealing with lead paint. Don’t let an older home scare you away. Just have the paint tested and call New York Painting Services to do the rest!

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