How to Give My Kitchen & Cabinets a Facelift on a Budget in Manhattan, NY; Paint Color Ideas for Small & Other Kitchens

Your kitchen is a central gathering place, and over time, takes quite a beating. Between the food prepared there and people in and out of it on a consistent basis, you will notice wear and tear that makes the space feel worn out. If you feel your kitchen is feeling old and tired, don’t worry, you can give your kitchen a facelift with a simple coat of paint. Don’t underestimate the power of paint in your old, tired kitchen. New York Painting Services is here to talk about how the right paint colors can give your old kitchen the face lift you are looking for!

Consider Kitchen Layout; Paint Color Ideas for Small & Other Kitchens

Before you choose the paint colors for your kitchen, you should think about the layout and size of the kitchen. Where are the windows? What is the current color of the trim? What finish are the cabinets? What color are the appliances? Once you have taken all of this into consideration, you can then choose the right color to compliment the architectural design of your kitchen.

Warm Paint Color Accents Will Make Your Kitchen Cozy & Inviting

When you have a kitchen that is mostly white or off-white, you might want to choose colorful accents to give your kitchen some personality. Choosing a bolder color for the trim is a great way to liven up the space. When choosing accent colors, it is important to remember the colors that you currently have and are planning to keep the same. If you have a kitchen that is mostly white or cream, you may want to consider a bolder color like bright yellow or red to add dimension to your kitchen.

Try to Find Balance When Painting Your Kitchen

While it is a great idea to add some bold color to your kitchen through accents like the trim color, you want to be sure you are keeping the space balanced. It is possible to choose accent colors that are too bold. They may look great on a color swatch, but when you put it in walls, it can be too much.

Choose Paint Colors for Your Kitchen While at Home

For best results when choosing the best paint colors for your kitchen, choose the paint colors when you are at home. They will look totally different in your home rather than on a swatch at the store. The lighting in your home is completely different than it is at the store, and paint looks different under different lighting. You can get small samples of the paint to try on a wall in your house. Look at it during different times and lighting throughout the day to be sure you are going to love the color long term.

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When choosing the right paint colors to give your older kitchen a facelift, it can seem like an overwhelming task. New York Painting Services has years of experience with choosing the right paint colors for any interior space as well as painting and other remodeling services for any home or type of business. Call us today for a consultation to make your kitchen one of the most inviting places in your home!

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