Creative Textured Painted Ceiling Color Combinations, Techniques, Ideas & Tips in Manhattan, NYC

When you are approaching a repainting project, most people are considering a new color scheme to refresh the look of the room. However, when deciding on the new color scheme most people focus on just the walls. But, have you considered painting your ceiling? The ceiling is one sixth of the space of the room. Adding color to the ceiling can help give a more creative feel to the room and bring the whole room together. It can prevent the distinct blocky feel from ceiling to walls and floor that often happens. New York Painting Services will share a few ideas you can do when painting your ceiling to give your room more catch and feel.

Dark Ceiling Light Walls

If you have high ceilings that are white or even off white can often make the room impersonal and even imbalanced. Especially if the furnishings and floor cover most of the lower part of the room, this can make guests and even family feel separated. Using dark colors or hues will help to lower the ceiling creating a cozier feel and bring the room more together.

Painting Ceiling & Walls the Same Color

Another concept you can try is making the ceiling and walls all the same color. When you paint the ceiling and the walls the same color, it creates a rich and full atmosphere. Some characterize it as dramatic and cozy. Painting the ceiling the same color also helps bring the room together. Using great decorative elements and accent colors with trim work can make your room pop all the more with all the other benefits with it as well.

Low Contrast Colors to Make Ceilings Looks Higher

Another idea is keeping the color contrast minimal in a room with a low ceiling or if the room is smaller in general like a bathroom. This can help make the room feel bigger. Try not to use dramatic color changes in smaller rooms, especially on the ceiling and walls. However a subtle contrast can help bring personality to smaller rooms.

White Ceilings

Keeping white paints on a ceiling does have the ability to make ceilings feel higher and brighter, especially in rooms with little light. White ceilings can also give the room an open air feel to a cramped room. White ceilings also have their place if you want to keep the eye on the trim and furnishing in the room rather than on the room itself. If you have an intense color on your walls, the white ceiling can also offset that intensity. So white ceilings do have their place, it will just depend on the room’s dynamics.

Faux Painting Techniques & Glazes for Ceilings

When glazes or faux finishes are applied to ceilings, this can give the room a glittery and pearlescent feel. You can even add plaster to give the ceiling some texture and help make the colors pop more on the walls.

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Most ceilings only get painted when the painter accidentally smears paint on it. If this is the case, you’re missing an opportunity to create a new atmosphere in the room and bring a personality you may not realize. Consider your next painting project what can also be done on your ceilings. If you want any assistance with your next painting project, or ideas, ask New York Painting Services. We can help bring your home to life. Contact us today.

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