How to Choose Paint Type & Color for Your New Rochelle, NY Home; Chemical Sensitivity, Finish, Interior Design & More

When you are ready to update your home, adding a fresh coat of paint is a great place to start. Paint is a great way to add a fresh look to any room and make a change that can give you a new look and feel. When you start deciding on the color that you want, you need to be sure that you choose the right color and paint style for you. There are many things that you need to consider when choosing a paint that goes above and beyond just the color. You want to be sure that you make a good decision so that you are happy with the paint and you are able to enjoy it for several years.

New York Painting Services Lists Things You Need to Consider When You Are Choosing A Paint Color & Type

Chemical Sensitivity to Paint: Most people are not too annoyed with the smell of paint after a project is completed? It is to be expected after you paint a room or rooms in your home. The smell will naturally wear off over a few days and leave your home smelling back to normal. There are some people that have a sensitivity to smells and the smell of paint for even a day can cause some problems for those people. There is an option for you if you are concerned about the smell. If you want to stay away from the smell of paint you can ask the painter to go with a water-based latex paint. The smell is much less than the standard oil based paint and it is also better when you are cleaning up.
What Paint Finish is Best For You?: Just because you have come up with a color that you want to use in your home you still need to think about the finish. The finish has nothing to do with the actual color but the shine that will end up. The best way to determine what you are looking for you need to think about the activity that is in that room. If you have a room that is busy, many kids and people playing around you may want to choose a gloss finish. The gloss is the easiest finish to clean from spots and other marks that can be left on the wall. There is also a semi-gloss and a matte finish. The matte has no shine at all and is terribly hard to remove marks.
What Kind of Interior Design & Look Are You Trying to Create?: Most people have an idea on what look and feel they want for the rooms in their home. Some rooms are small and you want to try and add the feeling of spaciousness while other rooms can be large and you are looking for a more intimate feel. You can use paint color choices to make these a reality. If you have a small room and want it to appear larger be sure to stay with a lighter color. An intimate room is best done with a color that is a bit darker.

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If you are ready to have your home painted you want to be sure that you hire a painting company that has the ability to help. We can help answer any questions you have and offer and advice in picking out the paint color and type that best fits the rooms in your home.

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