How to Properly Dispose of Aerosol Spray, Latex, Water & Oil Alkyd Based Paint & Cans in Manhattan, NYC

After you’re worked so hard to repaint your home, either in or outside, more often than not we have left over paint to deal with. Most of the time we will save the extra paint for future touch ups. This is a good thing to do because in all likelihood you will have spots that will need to be fixed. However if you are cleaning out the garage and want to get rid of leftover paint that is no longer used in the home or after you have finished and have some left in the pan, there is a proper way to dispose of leftover paint. Most people will just throw it away or wash out the painting pans in the sink or outside. This is an environmental mistake. New York Painting Services would like to share with you the proper way to dispose of the different types of paint and keep your painting projects environmentally safe.

How to Dispose of Latex & Water Based Paint Properly

If you have water-based paint or also known as a latex paint, the proper way to dispose of it is to let it dry out. You can also use cat litter and mix it up with the paint. Another way is to take the paint down to your local landfill. However, they may make you perform sanitation of the leftover content and make sure there is no more liquid that can affect the landfill. If you have any old latex paint that was made in the 1992 or older it may contain lead and mercury which can’t be disposed of at any landfill. Call the manufacture or Environmental Protection Agency and learn the proper disposal methods.

Oil/Alkyd-Based Paint Disposal

Oil or also known as Alkyd-Based paints contain enamel, lacquer, shellac, and varnish and is classified as a hazardous waste. To dispose of oil based paints you need to take it down to an HHW collection facility for proper disposal.

Disposal of Aerosol Spray Paint

Aerosol paint is also classified as a household hazardous waste because it contains propellants and solvents. For proper disposal of paint can that still contains any aerosol paint inside of it, you will also need to take it to a HHW facility. It may seem like a lot of time and an extra trip, but it is worth the time to keep our landfills and environment safe.

Additional Tips to Dispose of Paint & Cans

There are a few other tips we can share for proper disposal of paint. For one, read the label. Manufacturers typically include instructions for proper disposal. Also you can throw away empty paint cans into the garbage. Use a paint brush to remove the rest of the paint inside or tip it upside down to make sure it is empty before you throw it away. Another tip is to contact your local HHW or recycling coordinator to help you learn other ways to properly dispose of your left over paint.

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New York Painting Services encourages you to dispose of paint properly. Its better on our environment, which means it’s better for you. It may take a little bit of effort but is what needs to be done or you risk putting hazardous chemicals into our environment. For all your painting needs New York Painting Services is a call away. Contact us today.

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