Matching Kitchen Paint Color Schemes in Manhattan, NYC With Light Oak, White, Dark or Maple Wood Cabinets

If you are sick of your kitchen and ready to make a new change then paint is a great way to go. A new coat of paint is a way to change the real look and feel of the kitchen without having to do too much. Now when you first had your kitchen done you may have just chosen a color that you used all over the house. Maybe you chose a color for the kitchen based on what you want but did you know that you can use a particular color to match it right. Using the right color brings the entire room together and can make it feel more welcoming and finished.

New York Painting Services Explains What Paint Color is Best Matched With Oak, White, Dark or Maple Cabinets

Kitchen Paint Colors With White Cabinets: If you have white cabinets in your kitchen and you are looking for a paint color to match you can really go with almost anything. A white cabinet is fairly plain and general and will go with many colors. What you now need to consider is what look you want for your kitchen. You can use a light shade like grey to leave it looking a bit more modern. You can also go with a bold color to add some fun to the room like purple. You can even use a green shade to mimic the outdoors if that is the soothing effect that you want.
What Paint Color Goes with Oak Cabinets: Oak is a type of wood that is often used to make cabinets. They are not a particular color because many times the wood is stained to the color that you want. They can be dark or even quite light. Oak is a wonderful type of wood that is sturdy and affordable. Now if you want to accent the look of the oaks wood colors, you want to go with a natural color like blue or green. These colors will act as an accent to show off the wood grain and coloring of the cabinets.
Kitchen Paint Colors with Honey Maple Cabinets: If you have a maple cabinet in your kitchen you also have a particular type of wood but they generally are stained a honey color. That means they are not too dark but most people want to show them off. That means that you can go with a light tan or grey to add a small amount of color to the walls but let the cabinets be the real focal point.
Kitchen Paint Colors With Dark Wood Cabinets: Do you have a dark cabinet in your home and you want to paint the walls? A dark cabinet will really darken the entire room so it is best to add some light somewhere. The wall color is a great way to let the cabinets show off some sophistication while the walls help to lighten the room. You can even go with white on the walls or a creamy color.

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