Is Gray the New Neutral Paint Color or is this Trend Going Out of Style in Lower Manhattan, NY?

According to home decorating experts across the nation, the color gray is set to become the most popular neutral, side stepping white and classic beige in popularity and not just on walls. Gray is fast becoming a popular choice for all manner of home furnishings, cabinets, flooring, light fixtures, backsplashes, carpets, the list is endless. According to one study performed in 2017, gray has become the most popular color palette for home renovations especially when used as a base color to allow you to easily transform your accent colors and make a statement anywhere within your home.

Timeless Gray Bathroom Wall Renovation Interior Design Ideas

The color gray is a diverse color palette, well known for its modern and classic interpretations and is especially calming when used in a bedroom or bathroom. If you are interested in adding a touch of femininity to your bedroom, consider using a lighter shade of gray and pair it with light accent colors. For a more masculine feel, use a darker shade of gray or for a child’s bedroom, pair gray with brighter shades of pink or blue to give the room a playful touch. Your options are literally endless and work well within all manner of home and decorator styles from modern to whimsical and classic designed homes.

Warm Gray Neutral Paint Colors

While neutrals such as camel, tan, beige, cream, ecru, and white continue to be popular choices simply because they blend so well with an array of decorator colors, the definition of a neutral color is beginning to change. For example dark color palettes are becoming popular when mixed with neutrals allowing for homeowners to express their individual styles and color preferences instead of following old school decorating restrictions. Gray makes a wonderful focal statement without taking over the entire room and works with both white and black accents. In fact gray paired with both white and black is fast becoming a popular canvas for kitchen remodels especially when blended with yellow or red accent colors which can be both casual and modern depending on your choice of accessories, cabinetry and flooring. Gray with a slight sheen works especially well with silver and pewter accessories for a refined and classic appearance or mix gray with golden tones, rich browns and polished wood flooring for a modern twist.

Gray Trend; The New Beige

One of the many benefits of using gray as your primary color palette is its ability to create the illusion of space. For example when used on walls it can make longer rooms appear more proportional while also minimizing higher ceilings. Other advantages to the gray include allowing for a neutral canvas to display your wall art because it complements such a diverse range of colors. Dove gray, Steel gray, silver or something in between can be used to showcase built in shelving, wood paneling and literally all manner of flooring from tile, hardwoods and carpet. Gray is considered the new beige and with so many shades available it can be considered anything but boring and bland.

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