Painting Walls, Baseboard & Trim Same or Different Paint Colors in Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY?

If you are looking into having your home repainted it is important to think about the options that are available to you. Many people know that choosing the perfect color can be difficult because of the many options that are available to you. There are brands, colors, and finishes that are available and each have their own benefits. You also want to take some time to decide if you are going to use any texture, wallpaper or accent colors in the home. The best time to make these decisions is before you start any of the work. It is easier to lay out a plan of action then get started. One area that some people don’t take time to think about is the trim and baseboard. These are areas of the interior of the home that should be given their own effort when determining what color to paint them. You do have options that are modern or common depending on what you want to accomplish.

New York Painting Services List Options when Painting Your Walls, Trim & Baseboard

Standard White Paint: One of the most common colors that people choose to paint their trim and baseboard is white. A gloss white is a great options for many homes and it is standard in homes that are painted by a rental company or someone who wants to sell their home. Although white is a great option it is not the only option for you. You can make a real statement by going with a color that is modern and fun to fit who you are.
Black Baseboards & Trim: If you want to go with a modern and beautiful option then a black gloss paint is the way to go. You want to be sure that the main wall color that you choose will go well with the black paint and often times a light main color will be best. This is a great way to frame out the room and add a bold look. If you want to go with black you need to have enough trim work in the home to add balance. It is best if you have baseboard, crown molding and molding around doors and windows. The black lines are sleek and lend themselves to a room that you want to show off your sophisticated side.
Grey Trim & Baseboards: If you want to go with a color that is on the rise then grey is it. Grey is a color that is being chosen over many other neutrals in the last few years. There are nice soft greys as well as dark deep greys to fit your personal preference. If you want to have a beautiful white wall coupled with a glossy grey trim the outcome will be picture perfect. This combination is what you can see in any magazine.

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