Ideal Conditions for Exterior Painting

Ideal Conditions for Exterior Painting-

Now is the perfect time to start the exterior paint job you’ve been wanting to undertake! Late spring to early fall usually provides the most ideal conditions for exterior house painting. The best temperature range is above 50 degrees and below 90. Although there is some paint that can be used in lower temperatures, most exterior painting must be done during the warmer months of the year. After painting a property, the temperature needs to stay between 50-90 degrees for at least 48 hours in order for the latex to cure properly. If the temperature becomes too cold, the paint may not form to the structure properly and could potentially cause adhesion problems, mildew growth, and a shorter life expectancy for the paint. Pests can also damage paint and bed bug treatments can require tearing up baseboards or drilling into wall voids. Call New York Painting Services today at (646) 262-2874 to receive a free estimate and get your summer home makeover started!

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