How to Extend the Life of your Paint

How to Extend the Life of your Paint-

After investing in restoring the appearance of your home with an interior or exterior painting project, you surely will want to maintain the appearance and extend the life of the paint job. Although some wear and tear is inevitably for interior paint, preserving the longevity of a new beautiful interior can be easier with a little extra care.

The most common damage inflicted on interior paint is scuffs, stains and nicks that naturally occur over time. The best way to keep these damages to a minimum is by taking the time to examine high traffic areas in your home and removing spots and stains as they appear. To clean stains use a damp sponge and water; dish soap can help to remove extra stubborn stains but usually is not necessary.

Rooms in the house that have a lot of moisture and humidity, such as the basement and bathroom, can be susceptible to mold and surface damage. Excesses moisture can cause mold to grow and can also cause paint to peel or blister. To prevent excesses moisture in the bathroom and basement, ensure that these rooms have proper ventilation and circulation. If any flooding or seepage occurs in the basement, dry it up immediately to prevent paint damage and mold growth.

Paint Damage

(Children can also pose a danger to new interior paint…)

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