Color Consultation Interior Design Questions. Do you Know what your Paint Color Says About you?

The colors of the walls in your home say a lot about you and your personality. When you set out to choose a paint color you probably didn’t look into what the color says about you, but now that you have, there are some studies that have matched color choices with personality traits. The amount of color choices that are available to someone are massive but they all fall somewhere in a type of hue or color type.

New York Painting Services has prepared a list of paint colors and what they might mean when it comes to your personality.

Friendly and Nurturing Paint Colors: If you have chosen a color for your wall that is considered a soft and warm shade then you are considered friendly and nurturing. These colors will include yellow, orange, peach and pink. They are soft versions of these colors and remind people of fires and the beautiful sunshine. These colors also are for people that are inviting and love to have people around. The colors will make the room feel more intimate and happy.

Introvert and Quiet Paint Colors: If you have chosen a color that is in the soft and cool shades then you are probably an introvert and quiet. These are colors such as blue, lavender and green. They also tend to mimic the colors of nature such as the sky, plants and flowers. People that use these colors in their home like to feel a place that is away from the hectic world. People that choose these colors are usually not as likely to have friends over and like their peace and quiet.

Confident and Creative Paint Colors: If you have chosen a color for your wall that is in the jewel tones then you are probably fun, outgoing, creative and confident. When someone is in a room wearing one of these bold colors they will stand out just like your house will to. The colors are ruby, sapphire and emerald and are usually very bright and bold. If you have a room that has no exciting architecture this type of color can add the pizazz that you want. These colors when chosen are hard to change the décor if you ever want too because you have to stay in a specific set of colors to match.

Practical and Grounded Paint Colors: If you have chosen a color that is in the neutral tones then you are probably pretty even keel and are easy to get along with. The colors would be gray, brown and beige. The great thing about these colors is that they are easy to decorate around and you can change up how you decorate the rooms. These colors are what interior designers will go with when they are trying to make the home more attractive to more people.

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