How to Arrange Your Living Room & Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid in New York City, NY

The look of your home should reflect you and your family’s personality and style. That is easy to say but if you think about it, your style changes with the times. What you wore in the 80’s is not what you are wearing today so the same should go for the interior style of your home. That means that every so often you need to look at the style of your home and make some changes. They don’t always have to be drastic and you don’t have to do every room at the same time. It is fun to make some changes and switch out some of the décor that shows the age of the room. One room that can be done often with not too much hassle is the living room. It is also a great room to start with since this is the area that most people will have guests over for a visit.

New York Painting Services Lists Mistakes Not To Make When Interior Designing or Decorating Your Living Room

Using Boring Wall Paint Colors: One of the mistakes that many homeowners make when decorating their living room is they go with boring and muted colors. These colors are great for some homes but don’t be afraid to use color to accent the room and really show off some fun personality. You wouldn’t walk around wearing tan all day, everyday so you shouldn’t do that to your living space either. Have some fun with color by having an accent wall painted or wallpaper hung up. If you don’t want to use too much color you can add color in smaller ways such as in the details around the room. Out with the old beige and white walls and show of your true colors with some fun blues, yellow and even red!
No Wall Decorations: Now that you have a new fun color on the walls some people choose to just move the furniture in and think they are done. The issue is that the room is just not finished without some embellishment. When you get ready in the morning you put your clothes on but then you add some jewelry, watches and shoes. These are all embellishments to your wardrobe the same goes for the room. You don’t want to leave the walls empty because that just makes it seem as if the room is just not complete. Make sure that you pick up some fun pieces of art, family portraits and other wall décor to add to your room to really set it off in style.
Placing Furniture in Front of Windows & Walls: Another mistake that people make is when they start to bring in the furniture and just start lining it all along the walls. You don’t need to push everything up to the wall you can pull them more into the center of the room. This allows the room to utilize the space for more and the seating area is more intimate and makes conversation easy.

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