Best Bright Paint Color Schemes & Design Layouts for Finished Basement Walls With No or Little Natural Light in Bronxville, NY

Basements are such a bonus area for any house. Often, they are used for recreation and gathering which makes them unique and fun to design. There are many different styles that can be incorporated into a basement, and you might find that some paint colors work better when the space is being used for different functions. New York Painting Services would like to talk about the different design and paint choices you have when designing your basement.

Basement Design Layouts; Decide What the Space Will Be Used for

When you are getting ready to design your basement, you need to decide what you want the space to be primarily used for. Once you have that decided, you can start bringing the space to life with color and design choices.

Ultimate Basement Game Room

If you are wanting your space to be used primarily for gaming, complete with pool tables and foosball, think outside the box. Purple has been shown to stimulate creativity and play. This might just be the perfect color for your game loving space. Other bold colors that might be perfect for a fun space are orange and yellow.

Bring the Outdoors into Your Basement with Green & Brown Color Earth Tones

If you are a hunter or someone who thoroughly enjoys spending time outside, you may want to incorporate that into your basement space. Greens and some brown shades are a way of bringing nature into your décor. Give your basement an earthy feel with these naturally organic colors.

Basement Man Cave Ideas on a Budget; Black & Darker Gray Colors

If you are wanting your basement space to ooze masculinity, choose colors that exude power. Black and darker shades of gray are great for a manly space. Black is an aggressive color, but also signifies knowledge and power. If you are trying to create a space for the guys, this color palette might be a great one for you.

Basement Home Theater Design Room Ideas; Shades of Dark Red

If you are trying to create a stunning theater room, you should look for colors that are rich and darker. You don’t want a theater room to be light an airy, so stay on the rich side of the color wheel. Deep reds are a fantastic choice for any theater or media room you are trying to create in your basement.

Calming Basement Retreat; Light Blues & Yellows

When you are trying to make a space feel light and airy, it can difficult in a basement. They are usually naturally darker. Light shades of blue and yellow are known to create light and calming feelings in a room. Choosing these light colors can help the space feel lighter, but you should be careful not to choose ones that are too bright. Bright doesn’t necessarily mean calm. Look for soothing colors to create a relaxing space.

Basement Lighting Solutions

Not only is the right color important in a basement space, but choosing the right lighting will make a big difference in the overall feel of your space. If you are creating a theater room, choose lighting that can be dimmed at appropriate times. For a light and bright space, you may need more lighting to create this since you are decorating a basement.

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